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    Can anyone tell me anything about the fragrances in this line? I can't find any reviews anywhere. I was looking at them on Sephora's website ( we are not quite sophisticated enough to have a Sephora in Knoxville Tn). I thought they might make nice Valentines gifts for my teenage daughters.

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    My local Marshall's & TJMaxx carry the line, I bought the Baroque Blue (gardenia scent) and found it so cloying & awful that I put it up for sale on eBay the same day ! I later tried the Dolce Dew (a melon-y scent) and was very pleasantly surprised. I had their perfume oil of Enchantress, it was nice & long lasting (Pink Sugar like).

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    Thanks for the reply Tinker. I think I will try the Enchantress for them. It looks like i can pick it up at one of the on line discount sites fairly cheap. I wish we had a decent Marshalls or TJ Maxx, ours are horrible!

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    The packaging is really cute ! I know that Perfumebay had the line for a while too.
    You know, I H-A-T-E my town because there's no mail delivery to the house but I live in such close proximity to Marshall's & TJ Maxx that I refuse to move... I'm such a loon!

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