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    Post The Holy Triade Of Dior

    Eau Sauvage, Fahrenheit, Dior Homme.
    Which Of The Three Masterpieces Of Dior U Like More And Why?
    And In What Situation U Put Each One?

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    Default Re: The Holy Triade Of Dior

    dior homme has to be the best out of all
    it's unique and light in the end

    the other two are typical and stereotypical to the "classsic" men's designer fragrance....

    though sauvage is alright...
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    Penhaligons - Quercus, Castille, and Raquets
    Dior -Eau Noire, Dior Homme Cologne, Dior Homme Intense, and Dior Sweet Sun
    Frédéric Malle - Angelique sous la pluie and Eau d'Hiver
    L'Artisan - l'eau de l'artisan and bois farine
    Hermès - Elixir des Merveilles, Jardin sur Nil, and Hermessence Confret.

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    Default Re: The Holy Triade Of Dior

    My favorites

    1. Jules and Dior Homme
    2. Eau Sauvage
    3. Fahrenheit

    I like Fahrenheit but I wear it less frequently than I used to. When I wear it it always makes me feel like I need to be f_cking. I wear them whenever I feel like it. Women tend love Dior Homme. So do I. Eau Sauvage works well in warmer weather but I also put it on after a shower, before bed, etc. It's bright and beautiful with an abundance of earthy oakmoss in the base.

    I love the smell of Jules - a rich, peppery fougère with a leather base. It's not the textbook example of overall construction that Dior Homme is but it's a hell of a frag.
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    Default Re: The Holy Triade Of Dior

    Me Too I Love Jules But Unfortunetaly Is No Loger Available In Athens Greece.
    I Stay Close To The Others.

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    Default Re: The Holy Triade Of Dior

    My personal take on Dior is:

    1) Dior Homme
    2) Eau Sauvage
    3) Jules
    4) Fahrenheit

    I sampled Fahrenheit but didn't like it enough to buy it. Jules is very well made and classy but doesn't exactly fit me. Eau Sauvage is a classic that nearly everyone can carry off as it has a very casual air to it. Dior Homme is like a second skin, it's so comfortable to wear. (though you don't really forget you've got it on, which is a good thing)
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    Default Re: The Holy Triade Of Dior

    I like them all but (especially with Dior Homme) find it hard to compare them. Yes, they all say "Dior," but Dior Homme was created under a totally different set of circumstances for a very different buyer. My background is mostly with fashion, so I always think of a designer scent along with the aesthetic that it represents. Dior Homme is really the first attempt to create a men's image for Dior; before Hedi Slimane in 2001 or so there really was no aesthetic for menswear in the house. So, it almost seems to me that one would have to have TWO "triades" of Dior scents; the first pre-Hedi with Fahrenheit, Eau Sauvage, and Jules (I guess you could also put Dune, if you really wanted to). The second with Dior Homme and the three boutique fragrances (eau noire, bois d'argent, cologne blanche). Otherwise, it really is like apples and oranges to me, or even like fragrances from a different house.
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    Default Re: The Holy Triade Of Dior

    I have to agree with John here: these three are very different. I have not smelled Eau Sauvage and Jules, but of the two I know, they are simply both masterpieces in their respective classes: Dior Homme and Fahrenheit.
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    Default Re: The Holy Triade Of Dior

    Having just picked up a sample vial of it for the upcoming STD wearing, I am quite surprised with Dior Homme. When I first smelled it on a sample card when it first came out I thought it was another mainstream clone. Now having worn it on my skin I get a scent that is refreshing, very interesting, and different (has my nose evolved in being able to tell subtle differences). Need a few more wearings before I elevate it to the top spot, but this will be a buy.

    Fahrenheit and Eau Sauvage I think are both excellent in their own way. IMO I would give the edge to Eau Sauvage, but not by much.

    Hmmm, Jules, have not tested it, or for that matter remember seeing it. From the description that pluran gave though I am interested in looking for it.

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    Default Re: The Holy Triade Of Dior

    Well, if we're talking just about these three, Dior Homme wins hands down.

    Farenheit is a petrol nightmare and Eau Savage is gone in 60 seconds.

    I share peoples' affection for Jules, though...they don't make 'em like that anymore. Ditto Hermes' Bel Ami.

    The troika of Eau Noire, Boise de Argent and Cologne Blanche are really original, interesting and outstanding fragrances. I own them all and wouldn't be without them. BDA may be the best "wood" fragrance ever created.

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    Default Re: The Holy Triade Of Dior

    Dior Homme is the Best all the way.....Eau Savauge is nice but not really for me.....Fahrenheit does not work for me....I've tried.......Higher....Ok.....Higher Energy....Ok............As I said.....Dior Homme all the way.

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    Default Re: The Holy Triade Of Dior

    Dior Homme
    ES X
    Miss Dior
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    Default Re: The Holy Triade Of Dior

    can't really compare them, all three are great. I think Eau Sauvage is the most fantastic of the three though.

    1. Eau sauvage
    2. Dior homme
    3. Fahrenheit
    4. Higher
    5. Dune
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    Default Re: The Holy Triade Of Dior

    Fahrenheit by far.

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    Default Re: The Holy Triade Of Dior

    Dior Homme, thanks. I like Fahrenheit & Eau Sauvage, but both (particularly Fahrenheit amongst younger people) are much more heavily worn, and I have some unfortunate associations with both.. which is a bit of a shame, as they are nice. Oh, and if you do go for Eau Sauvage, might I recommend the 'Extreme' version?

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