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    Default wardrobe--scent as a swap

    I am new to basenotes
    I put Kai in my wardrobe and also listed it as a swap item.
    However this item doesn't show up anywhere as swap-able.

    Do you have to be a supporter to swap items? I searched FAQ and this forum and could not find anything on this issue. Also changed my profile to "yes" in showing my wardrobe and that didn't do anything.

    Why can't I swap?
    and what is the purpose of the wardrobe?


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    Default Re: wardrobe--scent as a swap

    In your wardrobe it's showing as in your collection, and if you click the 'swap list' tab above the list of perfumes in your collection, it shows that you've got Kai listed as a swappable fragrance. Hope that helps!

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