I just wanted to ask whether anybody knows anything the Gianfranco Ferre EDP and what was your experience with it, if any.
It is the rectangular bottle, simply named Gianfranco Ferre.

A light floral which at the time seemed sophisticated to me.

All summer and fall I poured tons of that stuff on. At the time, I was riding to work every day with a neighbor who is also a co-worker.
One day, after many days of literally bathing in Ferre, I put on some old and forgotten Gucci Accenti, which I'd had for years. That day, my neighbor asks me: "waow, this is nice, I have never smelled perfume on you before!".


I was BATHING in that Ferre EDP and was riding right next to her and she never smelled a thing!??? Truth be told, she herself had quite a bit of Prada on everyday, so maybe her fragrance was choking mine.
But then again, she was able to smell Gucci Accenti; which maybe meant that my fragrance was finally able to beat her fragrance ...in the beautiful tradition of "my dad can beat your dad"...

In any case, that "eau de nothing" is clearly not worth purchasing.
Anyone has had this?