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    Default old house: Bienaimé

    a.k.a.:Parfums Bienaimé .

    Historical note:
    Robert Bienaimé worked for Houbigant, later he founded his own house, Parfums Bienaimé.


    Fleurs D'été
    Chypre Impérial
    (all from the 40s)
    Vermeil (late 30s)

    All discontinued, all for women. There are others i'm sure i'm forgetting.

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    Default Re: old house: Bienaimé

    I recently found a full bottle of La Vie En Fleurs with a stuck stopper, so haven't smelled it yet.
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    Default Re: old house: Bienaimé

    If anyone has sufficient info. to submit these for inclusion in the Directory, this is the link, although products do join a queue.

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    Default Re: old house: Bienaimé

    Looking into this one as well as the 'Juliet' fragrance.
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