I was at the Bloomies in Century City this evening. It's right next to Beverly Hills, a very wealthy clientele, yet their perfume selection was the same stuff you see in every dept. store. What's up with that? It's not like the people who shop there can't afford a bottle of Dzing! or whatever. They had racks and racks of $200 Juicy Couture men's jeans that frankly very few men would be caught dead wearing, and other assorted very expensive designer-y clothes, so why can't they leave a little room on the fragrance shelf for something other than frickin' Lacoste and Corduroy? Corduroy! What kind of numbskull names a fragrance Corduroy? What next, Formica? Sheetrock?

They did have a huge counter full of all that Art of Shaving stuff, which isn't any better than the Proraso you can buy at Target.