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Thread: Macy's SUCKS!!!

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    Default Re: Macy's SUCKS!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by knightowl
    I love cologne.

    Best. Post. Ever.


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    Default Re: Macy's SUCKS!!!

    I love South Park because it is crude and offensive but at the same time intelligent and insightful. For the most part this thread is just crude and offensive without any redeeming value. If you had something of value to say, even if I strongly disagreed with it, I would support keeping it but your "Macy's SUCKS!!!" post is just an immature rant. Time to grow up.

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    Default Re: Macy's SUCKS!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by ziffy321
    Lol ... or how about Woolworth's ...
    Woolworth's was good. you didn get to see 700 goldfish in a 10 gallon tank everyday.
    People go to Macy's cause that's where the stuff is. If you haven't seen or heard George Carlins ideas on why we consume. We need stuff to fill our living space. If we get too much stuff. we need a bigger place, to fill with more stuff.
    So calm down, learn how to skateboard or something, drink lots of water and since this has happened, I mean Macy's pushing you over the edge, I'm sure there's a class action suit going on somewhere vs them.

    Good Luck

    poor guy overdosed on stuff

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    Talking Re: Macy's SUCKS!!!

    I like SA's. Some of them look like they might be tasty. Maybe with an Aqua de Gio chaser.

    The other day I was at Dillards to cop some JHL. I thought this stuff was almost impossible to find retail till Phantagarow told me about it being at dillards. Anyway the SA and I started jawing about how the current Burberry for men is not like the old stuff 1990's version. She started telling me about how her boss used to wear that and he smelled so good.

    I agree though that they have alot of the mainstream blech there. Marshall Fields used to have some higher end stuff but I have not been back since they were bought by macy's. Marshall Fields is where I tried Jaipur when it first came out. Not really what you would call your average Wal-mart scent there.

    Rant on Man. It cleanses the Soul. I too am weirded out by folks not buying a product because it works or is good but because some company is trying to sell a ( thought, Idea, feeling, chic whatever). You put a ( name your favorite designer here) name on a bag of cat crap and people who want to be seen as hip or now will buy it in droves. Weird man just plain weird.

    I'll get down off the box now and take my antipsychotic meds again. Unless the voices tell me not to. Lol


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    Default Re: Macy's SUCKS!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Scentronic
    And rentboy, you're off the map, buddy. You can't take yourself out of your own ignorant little box to realistically consider what I'm saying. You want to be a victim; you want to be right. Go about your way, walking on eggshells. When you come across someone who has something edgy to say in public, do you simply retreat in this passivity, or do you actually see what they have to say? I'd assume the former. If you can't see through a few "fucks" or "idiots" and some opinionation, just stay in your house, don't turn on the tv or internet, and surely don't go outside. You won't like the real world, where people speak their mind. I have a much bigger problem with people who think they are policing other people's opinionation, while coming off as even more ignorant themselves in the process.

    This ought to do it, eh? After all, according to rentboy, my only intent was to cause problems, right?
    Wrong! That's a flame. I'm pissed. This is garbage and an ad hominem attack. Rentboy doesn't like your abusive insults and has the courage to tell you so, and you don't like it and tell him he's got a small mind. You're the jerk, Scentronic, you jerk. This thread is locked. The language in it violates the Basenotes rules:

    #2: Nothing offensive
    -Posts, signatures and avatars which may be considered offensive are not permitted and may be removed or edited without notice.
    -The definition of offensive is down to the Basenotes moderation team. As a general rule - if you wouldn't be happy with your boss or grandmother reading it then it probably isn't suitable.

    #6: Stay on topic
    -The Basenotes Community is not a venue for personal or private vendettas. Keep your personal business as just that personal. This forum is not a venue for the resolution of personal disputes with members or companies.

    #8: Be respectful
    -Flaming or personal attacks are not allowed or tolerated. Be respectful of others.
    -Treat people how you wish to be treated.
    If someone doesn't have the same views as you, it does not make them a moron.

    #9: Avoid hot topics
    -We have the right to lock or delete topics which have the potential to get out of hand.

    Chris says right now: This flaming stops now. The insults of members stop now.

    Another very pertinent rule:

    #10: Stop when you are told
    -If you are advised to stop a discussion by an administrator or moderator then do so. Threads will be locked should discussion continue after you have been advised otherwise. If you wish to carry on your debate after you have been advised to drop it, please use private email.
    -Under no circumstances attempt to restart a locked thread.

    Sure, maybe shopping somewhere makes one mad and makes one want to pick a fight with the store. Why would one want to come here and pick fights with members?

    No more garbage language or posts. I wish I'd seen that this thread was so inappropriate earlier.

    I'm locking this garbage. There's no longer any there there to the subject.

    That girl, that bottle, that mattress and me.

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