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    Thumbs up I can't believe this

    Upon registration and creation of my virtual wardrobe I wrote 17 reviews non-stop in one night, and I haven't even starting buying decants!!(and that's about the only reason I'd have registered for after having lurked here for months)

    I've been more of a store sampling kind of person but sometimes sales do get annoying enough that I want to drop this habit. It's not to say that all sales are bad but it always seemed as if I am being "interviewed" one way or another to see if I could become a potential buyer, and that's just plain frustrating. Personally I'd even be preferred left alone spraying blotters as opposed being surrounded and bombarded at the fragrance counter, even if that meant no sample vials for me. Maybe I am the odd one here?

    Anyhow it is my pleasure to be part of this knowledgeable body of intellectuals, and I do look forward to taking part here in a more interactive way. Cheers!

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    Default Re: I can't believe this

    Welcome to Basenotes, Kanaire! :wave:

    I agree with not being bothered by Sales Assistants when frag testing but tend to chat at them bombarding them with questions about notes, similarities longevity, etc... which ends with them looking like a rabbit caught in headlights and heading for the nearest exit.

    I look forward to reading your reviews and wish you many happy years here in the Basenotes family.

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    Default Re: I can't believe this

    Greetings Kanaire, and welcome to BN!

    I would also prefer to sniff in peace, but I think Moondeva's observation, that "most" SAs will shrink away with deer in headlights look when you begin outgaming their perfume game, should keep them at 20 paces! At least we can hope so! I like going to places like Sephora (although as of late, their perfume selection is so underwhelming, all trendy pink and sweet IMO) where I can try and try and try. However, the department stores are good because you can spray, then go browse and let the frag develop. Then buy online at a better price point!
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    Default Re: I can't believe this

    It is a pleasure to have you. I promoise, you are not the only one for anything. There are so many people here that are so similar in so many ways.

    Sales assistants only get my attention when I can be nice enough to them for long enough so they give me samples. I try not to go head on against them because it is more of a fun game seeing which SAs say what crazy things.


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    Default Re: I can't believe this

    Welcome, Kanaires

    It's good to have you in the forum.

    As far as my dealings with SAs, the most amusing thing for me is shopping at the "womens'" counter. I've learned from fellow basenoters much to my benefit that guys can wear and enjoy feminine scents. But the SAs around here treat me very suspiciously when I shop for these fragrances.

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    Wink Re: I can't believe this

    Many thanks to your kind welcomes.

    I guess on some days it is quite fun playing this sort of game w/ SAs, especially when they blatantly tell me lies about something, and all I had to do is read the printed labels and tell them otherwise.(this being a general case w/ SAs I've met, not focusing on frag. SAs here)

    And oh yes, I really should start keeping notes on what SAs have said to me. I always carry a book of post-its to shops, one to write driving directions on, things I find interest in based on note descriptions, and for occastions when there are testers but no blotters. I guess I look like some sort of survey person from the marketing department once I start writing at counters, and I've even once seen a SA run from me when I randomly scanned his

    As with the talking knowledgeable w/ SA method, I found this to be a lot less effective at boutiques as opposed to the head-turner at department stores. But again boutique SAs usually gives me less BS.

    I guess there must be some sort of customer survey result that drove large companies into training SAs this way. Perhaps this makes the common customer feel they are more "valued"? it really beats me.

    I can feel your pain Dennard. As far as I could tell, scents marketed for a certain sex doesn't always smell the same way on the opposite sex, and from my personal experience there were numerous occasions that I've encountered this phenomenon. I've even worn aldehylic Chanel No. 5 for that matter, where it smelled drastically different from the person next to me after the first 2 minutes. I'd even go as far as to say that some heady white florals can worn by both genders. I think women encounter a similar issue trying to sample male fragrances at the counter, but are treated with much less of an attitude.

    Let the user decide what he or she shall wear, not the producer, not even the perfumer for that matter. And yes real men eat quiche, especially when you have a nice bottle of Alsatian Riesling. So have fun spraying thru the female counter.
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    Default Re: I can't believe this

    HI. anyway i was just reading the posts. i saw a lot of people had stuff to say about sales associates. i used to sell fragrances, among other items. i loved when anyone came to my counter and we could chat about perfume/colognes. my favorite thing to sell were the fragrances. i noticed most people chose flowery stuff. I could never get them into anything oriental/spicy. just the mainstream stuff...but yeah i am disappointed when i go shopping and i want to browse and test things and get real answers to my questions. but i can never feel like i trust the sales people because i know they all just want to make a sale. i like nordstrom right now because i told them what fragrance i was loving at the moment and she filled four little vials with fragrances she thought i would enjoy.

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    Default Re: I can't believe this

    i loathe shopping where the sales assistants are nearby. i'm okay as long as i immediately tell them that i'm fine and need no help. the second i tell them i need something, i'm a fly in their web and am easily suaded. for instance, today i dragged my uninterested boyfriend to the mall to test out euphoria on his skin and see how it lasted, etc. he's been in the market for a new scent. the store i was at had the men's testers behind the counter so i had to ask the lady at the counter for assistance and she talked me into buying the fragrance within five minutes. thank goodness i only bought the 1.7 oz bottle instead of the larger one. and luckily now that i've had a chance to experience the fragrance on him from application through drydown i actually still like it.

    point is... try to stay away from them or send them running with jargon as previous posters have recommended!

    my all-time faves include anna sui, vera wang princess, nanette lepore, miracle, amor amor, juicy couture, ralph rocks & betsey johnson

    decants i'm looking for:
    a sample vial/decant of viva la juicy by juicy couture
    anna sui scents (other than the original)

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    Default Re: I can't believe this

    Welcome kanaires!

    Actually I am a new poster as well although I have been lurking for a little while now.

    I can totally relate re: SAs. I do most of my shopping online. Who can be bothered with malls and the high pressure sales pitch when there's eBay? It's such a great place to try/buy samples & decants.

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    Default Re: I can't believe this

    Welcome, it took me some time to learn to deal with sales people. I love Nordstroms, but when you go up there, usually a guy comes running over spraying a paper to stick under your nose. I have learned to back way up and then ask to smell what I want or nicely tell them, I am just looking. Because after you smell so many, coffee or not, your nose goes haywire. And if you let them, you will have smelled a dozen papers before you leave and just leave confused.

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