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    Default Alexander Julian's "Colour" cologne spray

    I've been thinking about buying this but there are only 5 reviews. Anyone like this fragrance?

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    Default Re: Alexander Julian's "Colour" cologne spray

    I'm on about my third bottle. It's hard to find and I've only been able to find splash. The scent is very nice but it doesn't last long at all, and most scents last long on me. The scent doesn't change much over time. It's fresh and definitely won't offend anyone. Very pleasant. I can't think of a similar scent to it.



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    Default Re: Alexander Julian's "Colour" cologne spray

    It has been a favorite of mine since it first came out. I find it to be quite light and floral, on occasion I find it to be powdery. It is good for any season or any type of dress. The only thing that I own that I can compare it to is Versace Black Jeans and thats only if you remove the the tar note and reduce the iris. Even then I find Colours to be a bit warmer than Black Jeans. They are not all that similar, but its a place to start. As for finding it, it pops up on ebay from time to time in 3.4oz sizes and minis are available in quite a few of the standard internet spots the last time I checked.

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