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    Default What "AM" I smelling?

    I will likely come off as a total lunatic here, but it's not likely the first time...

    After I apply a fragrance (to test) on my hand, and let it progress through its note developments... I occasionally blow on my hand to add heat. When I do so, the nature of the fragrance changes completely. I can't quite identify what it is I am smelling when I add heat. Am I bringing back the topnotes? Quite often the herbal notes like rosemary, cumin, etc... tend to blast out insanely when I do this. I was just wondering if I was the only person on this site to ever engage in this type of behavior..

    help me out.. what am I smelling in the fragrance when I add heat? What does heat do to the applied fragrance? Why do certain notes become pronounced, while others rest silent? Any feedback?


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    Default Re: What "AM" I smelling?

    I have found that some scents actually need heat to allow them to blossom fully on the skin. I have quite a few blends that I have found quite meh until worn on warm skin or heat. I happen to have my comp set up in front of my little gas heater and often have it keeping my bot toasty while I work online.

    Anyway, most recently, I ended up falling in love with Gucci Eau de Parfum because the heat warmed up my wrist whilst reading something and the sillage / complexity completely seduced me. I can imagine it being quite heady in warmer more temperate climates. I had the same problem with Coty Chanson du Soleil and Guerlain Terracotta Voile D'Ete.

    This may explain why so many eaux and perfumes specifically directed towards being worn in warm / hot climates actually tend to rely upon the herbaceous notes as they tend to zing off warm skin without knocking you out / overwhelming like musk or vanilla can do.

    Strongly herbaceous scents and eauxs like Guerlain Eau de Coq, Crown Perfumery Eau de Quinine, Gres Quiproquo, Crown Perfumery Town & Country, Dior Eau Sauvage / Diorella, Crown Perfumery Crown Imperial and Crown Perfumery Crown Fougere all tend to really come into their own and shine in the summer heat and on warm skin.

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    Default Re: What "AM" I smelling?

    Yes, I've noticed this too. It also happens when you get any kind of moisture on your skin, like a spritz of water, or even perspiration. The top notes of the fragrance re-emerge. I imagine it's partly due to the warmth and moisture from your breath combining with the fragrance oil and re-evaporating.

    It definitely comes in handy when you are trying out new frags though!

    Any other theories???

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    Default Re: What "AM" I smelling?

    Quote Originally Posted by nearfantastica
    After I apply a fragrance (to test) on my hand...I occasionally blow on my hand. Quite often the herbal notes like rosemary, cumin, etc...
    Did you eat any Mexican food earlier that day? counldn't resist

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    Default Re: What "AM" I smelling?

    I did exactly the same yesterday with Loewe Solo. It's gorgeous for about 2 hours, then the best notes would disappear. I discovered that by blowing warm air on it those notes can be brought back. Interesting.

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    Default Re: What "AM" I smelling?

    perhaps it's a seasonal thing
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