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    Default ouds on ebay. . .

    it seems there are a lot of "oud man" style ouds on ebay, some very expensive. I'm curious about them and wonder if there's any way aside from asking the gypsy/tramp/thief seller of determining which if any of them are not centered around rose....?

    for that matter do any of the montale ouds not feature rose?

    I'm very happy not being interested in montale at all since it's so expensive and the bottles are ugly. I've also never liked their non oud scents I've tried like amandes orientals, ginger musk, woods and spices...

    so I'm leaning towards the ouds available from hardcore oud men on ebay. . . cause they are potentially a lot cheaper at least. . . to check out. . .

    but I want to avoid rose. no 88 is my rose and I don't need another rose...

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    Default Re: ouds on ebay. . .

    I couldn't resist an offer on eBay recently and the 10ml Roll On has arrived today. Price was 15.00 Euro. It's called "Agarwood" - Real attar from agarwood (oud), destilled with sandalwood oil on jojoba oil base. 100% natural - no synthetics.

    Now here's my impression:

    The smell right after application is unbearable, smells disgusting, I think it's the jojoba oil which is responable for this mess. Aaarrrghhh! I only smell pungent jojoba oil with some woody undertones.

    After fifteen minutes there's finally a distinctive oud note coming out which is projecting quite well and lots of sandalwood going on. The sandalwood is very close to the skin and gives the oud note a pleasant base. I like this kind of sandalwood, could be of a better quality, but the longer the scent lingers, the more sandalwood I get. More and more sandalwood, less and less oud. After one hour the show is over.

    Having tested some Montales (Black Aoud, Royal Oud, Oud Cuir d'Arabie, Oud Queen Rose, Oud Lime) I know a little goes a long way and lasts almost all day. Somehow a 100ml bottle doesn't make sense with Montale, but the attraction of Oud Lime, Cuir d'Arabie or Black Oud is well worth the price IMHO. Maybe I'm looking for decants first .....

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    Default Re: ouds on ebay. . .

    I have Montale's Royal Oud and I can't smell any rose in it at all.

    I did some searching over the weekend on the oud topic and read an intense thread on another site on the topic. They warned very strongly that the market for Laotian Oud is full of fakes. Haven't tested that myself, YMMV.
    Tried just a bit and re-found the thread:

    Considering the amounts of money involved, I would be very cautious.
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