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    Default Wax 'tart' style candles

    I find the "tart" style of candle very convenient to use and much easier to purchase through the mail as I live in Australia.

    So far I have only been able to find this type of product in a mass market, cheap-type of brand (inexpensive isn't bad but I'm having trouble trying to describe the type of tarts I've found). The scents are usually very foody, as well.

    Designer and niche fragrance houses often make candles but I haven't seen any selling a tart formulation. Are tarts seen as not very classy?

    I would love any recommendations for a better quality scented tart.

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    Default Re: Wax 'tart' style candles

    That would be great designer fragrantesd tarts from diptyque, tocca etc. or with chanel scent.

    No, there is nothing on a market like that, only yankee candle and bridgewater and other.

    only on ebay i have found selfmade tarts like armani or angel type (thierry mugler), but they wasnīt professionel in scent.


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    Red face Re: Wax 'tart' style candles

    I also love tarts; they seem to throw a lot more scent than the candles. I have upon occasion cut up a candle and put pieces of the wax in a tart burner. Again, better scent distribution than the candle.

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    Question Re: Wax 'tart' style candles

    Hmm, if cutting up a candle and using it the same way as a tart works (to some degree, anyway), perhaps if I found a few others who had the same tastes as I we could buy some lovely prestige candles, chop them up and share them out?

    That would certainly be cheaper.

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    Default Re: Wax 'tart' style candles

    I got the idea frm a lady who sells her own candles in Lewes, DE. She gave me a bunch that hadn't turned out well without the wicks. It's the same scented wax.
    give it a try.

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    Default Re: Wax 'tart' style candles

    it seems to me that the folk donīt want designer scents as a tart imo, i cantīunderstand that all ride on stuff like the synthetic yankee tarts with fruit berry and cinamon and laundry stuff.
    i hate food scents.
    the only "good" few tartīs from yc to me are "freesia and musk (unfortunately discontinued) scent are to me like coco chanel similar", and "wedding day".
    No tart like coco mademoiselle or A*Men or Issey Miyake type - shit.


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    Smile Re: Wax 'tart' style candles

    I like Yankee Candle lavender; unfortunately, lately all I have been able to find is "lavender lemon," which I do not care for.
    Right now I am melting the remainder of an Archipelago candle - I forget the name, but it has jasmine and other flowers. I'm using a rather large "candle warmer," electric and you can either put a large candle in glass on it, or use it to melt the wax directly.
    I'm also not a fan of the food smells; maybe in the kitchen if you're trying to sell your house!

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