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    Default Does such combo exist?

    I would imagine my HG consisting of the folloving notes:

    myrrh, balsam, resin, tubereuse, honey, wood, labdanum.

    Any idea - what could be closest to it?


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    Default Re: Does such combo exist?

    Alicka51, you can go to the directory and write in the notes you want in the bottom box and a fragrance or many will be suggested for a scent with those notes.

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    Default Re: Does such combo exist?

    I have a small bottle of Jo Malone's Vintage Gardenia with Cardomon and Myrhh on it's way. It has the gardenia accord, but also tuberose, myrhh, sandalwood, and of course cardomon.

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    Default Re: Does such combo exist?

    It sounds like you would like both my Razala (myrrh, tuberose, oudh, saffron and rose among others) and Song of Songs (labdanum resin, frankincense, myrrh), and perhaps also Epice Sauvage for it's dosage of honey and resin and woods and spices.
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