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Thread: Fleeced By Fate

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    My close friend was about to move to Las Vegas and get married to his girlfriend there. The wedding was scheduled for early february. Knowing that I was going to go over for a few days and give a best man's speech etc. I took the oportunity to use the prices of creedirect and ordered 4ozs of tabarome and 4ozs of neroli to be delivered to his (his girlfriend's) address. Very pleased! Creedirect won't ship to the uk, the prices were good and I would pick up my cologne happily when I got there.

    Well, the cologne arrived promptly, the girlfriend had an affair, the wedding is off, his camara is pawned, his clothes given to a charity shop and my cologne is......nowhere near me and never will be..

    In the grand scale of things its not important, I know. my friend's life is in a mess and I am missing a little bit of perfume. But it is STILL VERY VERY TEDIOUSLY IRRITATINGLY ANNOYING.

    Sorry to dump that on you guys.
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    That is just no good at all.

    When you say 4ozs does that mean you bought more than one bottle of each? Either way it must have cost you quite a bit. It is unfortunate that you don't get to have your Creeds...

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    I am so very sorry, hirch_finder! That is absolutely gutting! And I too would be mad as hell, heartbroken friend or not.

    The least the 'lady' could do is arrange with you to have you stuff redirected / posted to you. Her beef is with your friend not you! Common decency and respect seems to be lacking here... And it's not as if it was your friend that had the affair!!

    My condolences to your friend and heartfelt sympathy to you at this trying time. It is so hard to be thankful now - but I hope you both come to realise just how closely you dodged a bullet.

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    Default Re: Fleeced By Fate

    take heart in knowing that time wounds all heels.

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    Default Re: Fleeced By Fate

    Dont you know that what gets delivered to vegas, stays in vegas ?

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    Default Re: Fleeced By Fate

    That was terrible that this happened J... , both for your friend and you.
    Is there any way you can contact her to ship you the bottles ?

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    How horrible!

    She sounds like a real "classy dame", what with the cheating and pawning his valuables. Obviously, I've never met her and I've heard only one part of the story, but she sounds dishonest. I hate to say it, but it sounds like the odds of her being a decent person and mailing them to you is slim to none.

    However, I would at least try to contact her... maybe you could still persuade her to mail you the cologne...what a horrible situation. My heart goes out to your friend for suffering through such a terrible heartbreak.

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    What a woman...
    keepin' it musky
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    Default Re: Fleeced By Fate

    ~Scent: $110.00 w/shipping+/-

    ~Wedding costs lost: Probably in the $1000's

    ~'Groom' finding out about her: Priceless...

    My condolences on the monetary and trust loss Hirsh, and to your friend's heartbreak but...

    *congratulations* to him at the same time! This unfortunate turn has actually saved himself a ton more heartache and money in the long run.
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    good point about better to get the bad news now.

    and she'll probably give the cologne to her new beau!

    you shoudl have shipped it to "one of us one of us"! you can do that you know... send a decant or two (well, a few decants cause the person is paying for the shipping, we are handling it as if it were an MUA swap) in return. that's what I'm doing for my cuir mauresque. . . !

    or trade the service of shipping some SL to someone here for getting creed direct received and shipped there.
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    Default Re: Fleeced By Fate

    Women can be pretty sick & cruel...tis why I've been single for 4 years, lol. That sucks soooo bad. I guess the bright side is that it's better that she cheated now, instead of when they were married & then have to go through a messy divorce. Now that I read that...I guess that's not really a "bright" side, eh? Regardless, I'm sad to hear about your friend's broken heart, and your wayward smellies.
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    Default Re: Fleeced By Fate

    Quote Originally Posted by hirch_duckfinder
    my friend's life is in a mess and I am missing a little bit of perfume.
    Your friend's life is in a mess?
    Sad as it may seem to him right now, it seems to me that he has just had a fortuitous and extremely lucky escape from personal and financial disaster of a far greater magnitude later on.

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    Default Re: Fleeced By Fate

    Wow, I wasn't expecting all those responses. Thanks everyone. There is nothing like a human interest story eh?

    You are all correct that my friend is best off finding out now. Shame he has just sold his flat (apartment) and car etc. In the long run he is better off, but right now its a mess.

    envys - it was just one 4oz bottle of each!
    Her life was a mess before (she had a very difficult past) and my friend was (foolishly) on a "rescuing" mission.

    Supermarky I may take you up on your offer. Thanks
    "Don’t try to be original. Be simple. Be good technically, and if there is something in you, it will come out. ” - Henri Matisse.

    "Wear R de Capucci" - Hirch Duckfinder


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