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    I am looking for a good smelling ladies perfume for my girlfriend. She has a very bubbly personality, shes energetic, smart, and very sophisticated. I want a perfume that will match all of these oustanding qualities in her. What do you ladies out there recommend? Thanks for the help and it is greatly appreciated.

    Sorry for not getting back so soon, but she is 23. I was checking out the top women fragrances on the home page and I was wondering if the Mitsouko aould be a good choice. Im currently living in a small city and they do not have any stores where I can go and smell a lot of the scents that I am interested in, so Im doing a blind buy and hopefull you ladies can help me out. A few perfumes that she has worn are Ann Sui (Sui Dreams), V Valentino, and Dolce Gabana Light Blue.

    I just wanted to thank all of you lovely ladies for your help with my selection. I ended up choosing Coco Madamoiselle, it was between that and Armani Code. I guess I will have to get here Armani Code next, also have you ladies tried Creed's Love in White?
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    How old is your girlfriend and do you know what fragrances she likes now? That would be a big help in steering you in the right direction.

    Off the top of my head:
    Chanel's Coco Mademoiselle is kind of fresh, sophisticated and aimed at 20/30's.
    I find Fifi Chachnil sassy, sophisticated and fun, but it might only be available online. I can't find it locally.

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    I have decided after sampling the department store fare, I recommend Armani Code as the best new fragrance out there. Just try it and see what you think.
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    Bubby, energetic, and smart...that's Jean Patou EnJoy!

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    first ones that pop up in my mind:
    Champs Elysees - Guerlain
    Live - J.LO
    Coco Mademoiselle - Chanel
    Cristelle - Chanel

    Good Luck with your shopping!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Parotte82
    ...a very bubbly personality, shes energetic, smart, and very sophisticated. I want a perfume that will match all of these oustanding qualities in her....
    Tommy Girl!!
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    Welcome Parotte!

    Can you tell us what scents your girlfriend enjoys? Any fragrances she's enjoyed in the past?

    My "bubbly" fragrance is Lolita Lempicka. A friend describes it as flirty, yet sophisticated.
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    My daughter loves Narciso Rodriguez, the EDP in the pink bottle, with the bold peachy rose over the soft, woody musk. She is creative, intelligent, and sophisticated. This fragrance is different from those worn by the other girls. It is more high-level in some ways, but still youthful and well-received.

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    Dolce vita.....goes well for brunettes;-)
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    I second Coconut's suggestion,Champse elyceesIt was the first that hit me too

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    Hi, Parotte82!

    You ask if Mitsouko would be a good choise... It can be, it might be the biggest perume-love of her life, but it can also be something she doas not like at all.

    Perhaps starting with something not so old is preferable. You can always come back to Mitsouko later.

    You have already got some good sugestions. I would like to add just a few more
    Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker
    Miss Dior Chérie
    Gucci EdP II (the pink liquid)
    All three are joyfull, energic and clever scents, IMO.

    Good luck, and, please, let us know what you finally choosed.
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    Well, your girlfriend sounds a lot like me and some of my girl friends. I have also owned Sui Dreams, I own Valentino V, and a few of my close friends wear Light Blue.

    My advice is, don't go for anything too extreme. Mitsouko is more of a perfume lovers' favorite. You have to be adventurous and old-souled to love it, and it tends to be an acquired taste. I wouldn't buy Mitsouko for her unless she has specified it. I also would be careful with anything too floral; it doesn't seem like floral is her style. She seems like a modern girl.

    Here are my recommendations, based on her taste:

    Kenzo Amour
    Emporio Armani Pour Elle
    Facconable Pour Elle
    Kenzo Summer

    These are four perfumes that shouldn't let you down. You can also check out my wardrobe for inspiration.

    Good Luck!

    PS- Also, if you can find it (I found it at TJ Maxx-- it is not on department store shelves), I am certain she would like Ellen Tracy Imagine Shimmer. Not the regular Imagine, but the Imagine Shimmer. They are very different.

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