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    Default Blazer by Parfums Nautilus

    I recently won a bottle of this new Nautilus scent on ebay which is rare for Nautilus Aqua & Black Marlin are impossible to find on the US shores.

    From the parent companies website Mavive, Blazer was designed to in ideal conditions last 12 hours.
    Top technical results, able the scent to perform optimally even when used in the hottest climates and in extreme conditions.

    The scent is very unique to my nose it has a heady hit of Yuza and Apple which reminds me a little of Boss Bottled, but its the woody down dry that sets it apart from Boss. Where Boss become sweet and sticky Blazer is semi-sweet but the Agar wood and Sandal gives it a very rich base.

    Yes the scent last 12 + hours on my skin it almost like EDP strenght. No its not over powering like say Joop Homme but Blazer will release sillage all day.

    Again I have to say the Nautilus lable impressed me again.

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    Default Re: Blazer by Parfums Nautilus

    I have never tried this and don't know if I will ever get the chance to.

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    Default Re: Blazer by Parfums Nautilus

    Sounds really interesting. I'll have to keep an eye out for it, the Nautilus stuff seems to always show up around here somewhere.

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    Default Re: Blazer by Parfums Nautilus

    I finally came across Blazer today in a pharmacy. Can't say I liked it much for the first half hour (though my ladyfriend liked it). But then it settled down to something pleasant. It's still hanging around my wrist after around 10 hours. However, I still think that Black Marlin and Aqua are the standout scents.

    As usual, Nautilus stuff goes pretty cheap around here. Blazer is selling for A$32 (US$24.6) for a 100ml bottle.

    At Christmas I made myself popular by buying lots of gift sets and 100ml bottles of the women's Donna/Pois Nautilus, all of which I bought for A$15 each. The women seem to love this well crafted, long lasting, acquatic scent.
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    Default Re: Blazer by Parfums Nautilus

    I bought Blazer today.
    My thanks goes to the Scentimus for making me aware that it existed.

    From their website, Blazer's Pyramid is

    top notes - tangerine, tamarind, yuzu, apple

    heart notes - magnolia, jasmine sambac, artemisia, lavender, hay

    bottom notes - agar-agar, sandalwood, tonka bean

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