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    Default Scents for travel

    I am packing to go to a seminar and the hardest part is picking fragrances. Can't take anything too strong or next year they'll post "Fragrance Free" signs all over.

    These are the considerations I am processing:
    What will I be in the mood for?
    What is weather appropriate?
    What won't knock people over in a warm, crowded conference room?
    Which bottles will pack and travel well?

    I have purse atomizers for the classics: Rive Gauche, Shalimar and Mitsouko so I guess I'll take those. I'll also take my Rosa Magnifica decant since it is a roll-on but yikes, it is pretty potent. What do you travel with?

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    Default Re: Scents for travel

    I bring a little baggy of samples/decants. That pretty much covers all bases for me. The ones you mentioned are pretty potent, but I love them all. I would never ask you to go fragrance free!

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    Default Re: Scents for travel

    i do the same thing. plus you can only take a certain (small) amount of liquids on the plane, and i'm afraid to pack the frags w/ my luggage

    i have also got a purse spray for my favorites - eau des merveilles, and also stella.

    always for travel you should have one "safety" - that you will always feel comfortable, happy, safe and home in.

    happy travels!
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    Default Re: Scents for travel

    Taking sample sizes is a great idea. Also, this way you'll get to try perfumes that are probably lying around waiting to be worn - but are neglected because we usually reach out for the easier-to-grab full bottles.
    The other benefits of taking samples of scents you don't usually wear is that you will associate them with your trip later on, and this adds to the richness of the fragrance experience in my opinion.

    Other than that, I do suggest you take something that you really love and always feel comfortable with. If Mitsouko is a favourite, for instance, than the purse spray is perfect. You can always go back to it if you're tired of the samples.

    Also, if you are going to somewhere with a very different climate, you may want to take a scent that is particualrly appropriate for it (if it's really different from home). For instance: when I go to Israel this spring, I will take with me Le Parfum de Therese, because in Vancouver it's rarely gets warm enough to truly enjoy it. The heat makes it bloom on the skin!

    Have a fantastic trip - I believe as long as you don't shower yourself with the scents they shoudl not offend anyone. Between 1-3 sprays is usually safe (expect perhaps for some powerhouse scent). And if you're only dabbing or using a roll on you should be fine. Have fun!
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    Default Re: Scents for travel

    I often bring a universal, multi-purpose, fail proof scent when I travel... and that is... Floret OR Antonia's Flowers. I will also bring a few decants or samples depending on the length of stay and destination.
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    Default Re: Scents for travel

    I always pick what I happen to fancy at the last moment, and take only one scent with me when I travel. If it's not in a small, travel-friendly bottle, I fill a small spray bottle with it.
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    Default Re: Scents for travel

    Lollia has adorable little travel sized bottles in Inspire, Believe, and Wish, for $8.00 a piece. They'd be great to carry in a bag or a pocket, and from the size I believe they're airplane safe for freshening up on a flight.

    Parfums de Nicolai now makes airplane size approved fragrances:
    30 ml/1 oz sizes, approx. $30-$45.00:

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    Default Re: Scents for travel

    I tend to bring a lot of scents with me- usually in smaller bottles. I get bored with just one or two things and even if it's just a couple days I like to change from day to evening sometimes and don't want to be stuck with the same fragrance. Usually take a little variety- something floral, something Oriental, something green, something incensy, something clean/fresh and something spicy. You never know what mood will hit you!
    Scent is such a lovely, simple pleasure!

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    Default Re: Scents for travel

    I was just looking at this archive of Luca Turin's blog and one of the first entries suggests that instead of fragrances you should bring soaps while travelling. Kind of a cool idea. I still can't stand Luca Turin though, such a bossy thug of a writer.

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    Default Re: Scents for travel

    This is a decision I hate making - it depends so much on where you're going and on unfathomables like what sort of mood you'll be in. My experience is that a hard-sided suitcase is fine for my bottles, and I always pack them in separate ziploc bags, wrapped in several pairs of tights and knickers, which protects them nicely. I travel a lot, and I've never had a breakage or spillage.

    We're going skiing in America next week. I'm not bringing as much perfume as I would normally because I plan on hitting the very good perfume shop (all vastly discounted, and they carry an amazing selection) in South Lake Tahoe. We're also spending a few days in Vegas, where there are loads of shopping opportunities. (This all means that I have to be careful that I don't go over the duty free limit, or, if I do, that I post some of this stuff back to myself in the UK rather than taking it through the airport!)

    I think I'll end up packing Mitsouko, Philosykos, TDC's Bois d'Iris and...something woody. Probably Etro Patchouly. Mitsouko's warm for snowy evenings; it's warm, and it makes me feel buttery-glamorous. Philosykos is a wonderful scent when there's snow in the air; ditto Bois d'Iris, which makes me feel really, really pretty. And Patchouly is warm and comforting, like being in front of a log fire. I am enacting a one-bottle-per-house rule, or else I'd probably end up with Apres l'Ondee (imagine that anise note in the snow!) and Shalimar too.

    My choice would be completely different if we were going on holiday somewhere hot. Or somewhere dry; or to Vegas on its own. I adore Luca Turin, but soaps? What a dismal holiday that would be.

    I'm a selfish perfume user. I tend not to think of what will knock other people over, just wearing what I particularly love...although I probably wouldn't wear something like Carnal Flower in an enclosed space!

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    Default Re: Scents for travel

    2nd day of trip so far. I've done Shalimar during the day and mitsouko for night. I think soap would be too inconvenient but my atomizers are working well. I bought two on ebay a couple weeks ago. It is funny but this hotel is too cold for rive gauche.

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    Default Re: Scents for travel

    Yay! Summer...anyone going away this weekend? What are you bringing???

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