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    Default Is it funny or not?

    Some time ago I asked Lubin for a sample of Idole
    and I received an envelope with... an empty sample
    bottle in the cover with no traces of eau de toilette
    and without any smell. I sent an other e-mail to Lubin.
    An other envelope arrived one half hour ago with...
    the sample cover only, but without the sample.
    Both envelopes were intact. Now I'm asking myself:
    is it funny or not?

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    Default Re: Is it funny or not?

    That's really strange. They either don't even glance at what they throw in their envelopes, be it an empty or full sample, or they're trying to get you to just order a bottle and get it over with. It must feel a little annoying to e-mail them again?
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    Default Re: Is it funny or not?

    I think it's funny! They are probably doing something tricky or have no clue waht they actually put in the envelopes they ship out. Strage to get two envelopes with nothing useful inside but a free sample vial for you to do with as you please...

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    Default Re: Is it funny or not?

    I too think it's funny. Makes me want to buy from them.

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    Default Re: Is it funny or not?

    No. That would annoy me. I would think: I wanted to smell the perfume; now I will put my attention elsewhere.
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    Default Re: Is it funny or not?

    I had a person send me a sample, and it was a very nice envelope with an empty sprayer in it, no smell at all. NO!!! It is not the least bit funny.

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    Default Re: Is it funny or not?

    I would send them a daily email with no content whatsoever until they emailed back asking about it. Then unload your tale of woe and I would bet they will send the real item.
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    Default Re: Is it funny or not?

    It might be leaking
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    Default Re: Is it funny or not?

    Maybe there's someone at the post office smelling really good...

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    Default Re: Is it funny or not?

    I'd take it as a sign from god.

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