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    Default Grey eyebrow pencil?

    I'm a bit miffed that Rimmel has discontinued its dark grey eyebrow pencil. I'm not grey, but a rather ashy brunette and brown is far too warm for my skin tone (if I wear brown eyeshadow I look as though I have conjunctivitis!) whilst black is far too harsh.

    Anyone know of any alternatives available in the UK? I know Dior does one but it's about 5-6 times the price of Rimmel and I resent paying much more than a fiver for a pencil!

    (nb, I do have some brow powder in a very cold taupe colour. But the pencil was good for filling in gaps).

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    Default Re: Grey eyebrow pencil?

    Not pencil but powder and wax. Smashbox do a brow tech which is excellant.
    Their taupe is not cold and matches most hair colours or they do a grey one as well.

    Or how about ebay for the Rimmel one?

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    Default Re: Grey eyebrow pencil?

    YSL eyebrow pencil no 4 is pretty good greyish light brown.
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