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    Default Mitsouko and Parfum Sacre

    I FINALLY get to try these little gems I'm so excited!

    Mitsouko: First impression, bug spray. Quickly faded to something I can't pinpoint. There's a somewhat oily smell to me and I don't know what note that could be. I'm not loving it quite yet. Editing to add: this got into my mouth....I can actually "taste" it, is that what cloying is? Whatever it is, it's not wonderful! aacck!

    Parfum Sacre: Reminded me instantly of Scherezade, my Mom used to wear that and it has since been discontinued. I have to say this is pure heaven, in an odd way. When I sniff in, I smell something familiar, but when I breathe out, I smell something that is so hard to describe, very sweet and beautiful.

    I have to go check out the notes and try to figure these out.
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    Default Re: Mitsouko and Parfum Sacre

    Parfum Sacre is simply beautiful. I'm really loving it. Alot of powder, incense maybe?, nothing really sweet but very pleasing.

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    Default Re: Mitsouko and Parfum Sacre

    I read so many good reviews on Parfum Sacre, on another site, and liked the description, so I ordered a bottle, without sniffing first. For me, different but not good. I really wanted to like it, but I can't. I tried to give it to my Mom. She usually takes what I'm not crazy about, she didn't like it either. My son said, it smelled like powder. Oh well...I tried, pretty bottle.

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    Default Re: Mitsouko and Parfum Sacre

    Magnolia, I had the same experience with Mitsouko today, getting it in my mouth. I have the EDP, which is so strong I can wear it only by spraying it in front of me and then walking into the cloud. Today I walked into the cloud and was talking...ugh. But now it's beautiful on skin -- warm and woodsy. Good luck with it.. K

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    Default Re: Mitsouko and Parfum Sacre

    Bless your hearts! I thought I was the only one that did this! I sniff my wrist too soon and my upper lip touches the moist perfume. Shortly after, I lick my upper lip......bleh, phttu, gaugh! My bf once kissed a neck of perfume and romance was over for the night!

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    Default Re: Mitsouko and Parfum Sacre

    Isn't that just the worst?! LOL I just posted a thread regarding Noxzema. I think Grant mentioned this long ago, it really does get rid of all scent/taste etc. My apologies if it was not Grant that talked about this.

    It really does get rid of all traces of a scent, even inhaled! Once you clean your skin with it, I guess the scent takes over your taste buds too. Thank goodness. Mitsouko was the offender for me today (I think)......I just can't take that taste!!

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    Default Re: Mitsouko and Parfum Sacre

    My old bottle of Mitsouko is so heavenly it's like a drug! But my new one was stinky and I gave it away. I've heard similar stories from many people so I guess you got a new bottle, with new formula? Parfum Sacre is lovely, I can't wear Carons but if I could, this would be the one.... If you ever find some vintage Mitsouko, do give it a try, it's pure heaven.
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    Default Re: Mitsouko and Parfum Sacre

    I really believe Mistsouko is one of the hardest fragrances ever. You either love her or hate her, no courting or flirting she will work for you or not.

    Parfum Sacre warm dusty roses and incense.

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    Default Re: Mitsouko and Parfum Sacre

    Can anyone pinpoint that metallic, oily scent I'm detecting/tasting? Vetiver? Labdanum?

    I have looked at my wardrobe of fragrances and not many of them have these notes in them. I don't know what the culprit is. This is frustrating!

    I'm glad to have the chance to study this scent, but I think I err on the side of hating it. It doesn't like me.

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    Default Re: Mitsouko and Parfum Sacre

    Quote Originally Posted by JustinaM
    I tried to give it to my Mom. She usually takes what I'm not crazy about, she didn't like it either.
    Oh, Justina. I'll take the Parfum Sacre. So will a zillion other Basenoters. It is just plain delicious to me, lemon and vanilla, spice and incense.

    Magnolia, I bet you don't like the agarswood in Mitsouko. It's resinous wood. It smells like an old violin. Maybe that will change your association. Did you get the peach after that? It comes later. It turns sweet on me, delicate and aromatic. I don't know if I have the old or new EDT.

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    Default Re: Mitsouko and Parfum Sacre

    I definitely got metal the first time I sampled Mitsouko - but that was one of the first things I loved about it! Love or hate, indeed.

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    Default Re: Mitsouko and Parfum Sacre

    I had a similar reaction to these two, the first time I tried them, particularly Parfum Sacre. There's a dusty, bitter quality to Parfum Sacre, which I think is due to the spices and incense; I remember that when I tried PS for the first time, that bitter-spicy quality turned me off right away, and I scrubbed it off. But if you give yourself some time, it may grow on you... it warms up on skin, and the notes harmonize a little better. Personally, I think these notes work to undercut the sweetie-pie elements of rose and vanilla. But, yes, it is powdery, and that's a deal-breaker for many people.

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