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    Default Re: What do you smell on others?

    Quote Originally Posted by purplebird7
    Except for me and my daughter.
    Midwesterners are so conservative. *Sigh* They buy perfumes and only wear them for "special occasions."
    Too true - I grew up in Chicago and can remember being told that "perfume is like underwear - no one is supposed to know it is there" LOL

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    Smile Re: What do you smell on others?

    I live and work in a small town and I've noticed that there are many varied fragrances worn by women here: Guerlains, Chanels, Estee Lauders, Calvin Kleins, Armani She/Elle is very popular as is Night, Angel, SJP Lovely etc., etc. But when it comes to mens fragrances there is one which seems to be more popular, or should that read 'applied with a heavier hand' than others: Joop Homme. I am aware of other mens frags but I guess they must be more subtly applied as none have quite the same 'clout' as Joop Homme!

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    Default Re: What do you smell on others?

    Literally, all I have EVER smelled at college is Victoria's Secret Very Sexy 1(MOST, I am usually surprised if someone isn't wearing it), Be Delicious, Light Blue(rarely), Fantasy, or some crappy body spray. It's pretty lame.

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    Default Re: What do you smell on others?

    I sat next to a girl wearing Eau D'Issey on the tube this morning. I had to move to the other side of the carriage. Ugh.
    I had a nice experience yesterday lunchtime, though! There is a scent I've smelled on various people and loved, but never knew what it was. When I went to the newsagent's to buy Coke at lunchtime, there was a lady at the counter, and she was wearing it! So I took the plunge and asked her what it was and finally found out. It was Clinique Aromatics Elixir. I'm adding that to my shopping list!
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