I noticed a lot of Lorenzo Villoresi in the top ten thread, so that got me looking into it.

From the official LV website, they list Lafco as their authorized agent in the US market. They have a website: www.lafcony.com.

I went digging in the community archives and found a 'free samples' thread with an email from Lafco (dated Oct 24, 2005) saying that one can buy samples for $2.50 a pop, minimum order 4, maximum order 12. I couldn't find the 'order samples' functionality on the Lafco website, so I just called their NYC office (800.362.3677). I got as far as being interested in Lorenzo Villoresi and samples and the lady I was speaking to said they could send those out for free.

I'll post a followup to this thread when they arrive and I've had a chance to evaluate.