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    Default Jean-Charles Brosseau Fruit de Bois

    The notes (from Osmoz):

    Top note :
    Bergamot, Grapefruit, Gentian
    Middle note :
    Clary Sage, Geranium, Nutmeg, Juniper
    Base note :
    Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Vetiver, Amber

    Fruit de Bois is subtle and elegant, and somewhat unusual: a fresh woody scent. The first thing to hit is a very clear accord based on gentian, a kind of herbal-floral note. It shares that with lavender, but gentian is herbal in a dryer, less sharp way, with overtones of new-mown hay.

    Next, the clary sage comes through with its unmistakable note of elegance. It contributes the slightly fruited note that appears in the scent's name. In combination with the juniper, it echoes the herbal note from the top accord. The geranium is subtly floral, and the nutmeg is a barely recognizable spicy aura in the background.

    Finally, the base is a little drier than the list of ingredients might suggest. The cedarwood brings a hint of bitterness, relieved by the mild sweetness of the amber, the soft richness of sandalwood, and the green rootiness of vetiver.

    Overall, a very distinctive bouquet. It says elegance in a modern mode; and it's not too old-school, in spite of the traditional nature of the notes list. The combination of gentian, clary sage, geranium, and juniper is unique. I would say this one breathes quiet and a hauntingly tender feeling.

    Sniff it if you can. There are two others in the series, "Collection Homme": Thé Brun and Atlas Cedar.

    Has anyone else smelled this? What are your impressions?
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    Default Re: Jean-Charles Brosseau Fruit de Bois

    Thanks for the review--I have been wondering about these three. From your description, I think I will do a blind buy on this one.

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    Default Re: Jean-Charles Brosseau Fruit de Bois

    I am in total agreement. This is one superb fragrance - very subtle and refined. The other two - a heady fruity-floral-cedar and a brisk tea are also wonderful. Fragrance lovers should pick these up in a hurry because I don't think they are going to be around for long: they are too complex and are uncompromisingly not "on trend".

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    Default Re: Jean-Charles Brosseau Fruit de Bois

    I´ve never tried these. Thanks for the advice. The bottles look very handsome too !

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    Default Re: Jean-Charles Brosseau Fruit de Bois

    Scentiments has a great price on it here.

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