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    Would have never bothered with this until I stumbled into a D Grant Ltd in the Gateway Mall and was shocked, shocked I tell you to come face to face with a shelf full 'o Creeds!!! Also new is a Perfumania in Trolley Square, ho-hum selection but prices are decent. Nordstroms has the usual suspects, be advised, though, if you find something there you like you should probably pick up a spare since they'll most likely drop it in a year or less. Drive a few miles to Park City and there's a small shop in the factory outlet mall, 'fragrance' something or other that has the entire Clinique line, most of DKNY, Lauder & Aramis for the guys. Last time I was up there they had several sizes of JHL under glass. Two years ago they had the whole Surface product line for a whole summer season. Oh, and just for the fun of it, try and hit a few of the indoor swapmeets. There's always at least one vendor with a fascinating mix of both real and fake designer bottles to sniff your way through. Bet you didn't know Creed is now selling several of their more popular scents in spiffy CHROMED bottles.

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    wow, thanks for this! i didn't know about the Perfumania, and i hadn't even thought of indoor swap meets. i mostly just search all of the TJ Maxx and Ross stores in the area on a regular basis, and sometimes the Burlington in Murray.

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    Scratch one Perfumania shop. It would appear that the gun toting psycho shot out a few of its windows but when I peeked around the boards the place was cleaned out already.

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    aw, i wish i wouldn't have missed out. and i wish even more that i'd have seen that last post before i went to check it out and was completely lost and confused by not finding it.

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    As of yesterday, D Grant Ltd also had some Truefitt & Hill - mostly their shaving stuff but they had some West Indian Lime (if I got the name correct). That is the first time I saw Truefitt in Utah. (It was also the first time I saw Creed in Utah.)

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    Trolley Square's Tabula Rasa is now stocking most of the Cartier line. They even have the swank leather flasks that hold Declaration and manage to make that goofy bottle look good. There's less Crabtree and Evelyn since the company seems to be in the process of discontinuing most everything but on the bright side it looks like Colonia will be carried instead. As to be expected prices bear the usual Trolley mark up but it's nice to see any new outlet.

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    I'm excited (and frankly still in shock) to report that I've spotted the first legitimate niche retailer in SLC! It's called Splendor and it's located in the Foothill Village area (Foothill Dr. 1300 S.) next to the UPS store. I was going into the Sports Den today to check out some Ski equipment and there it was! It must be fairly new, because I don't remember seeing it before. Anyways, they seem to have the full line of Fresh products, as well as a partial collection of L'Artisan, Bond No. 9, and L'Occitane. I finally got my chance to try Bleeker Street, which I loved. If you finally want to experience niche shopping in SLC, I highly recommend them. The SA's were also extremely friendly and more than happy to make samples of anything I wanted to try!

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    Fashion Place Mall now sports a small place called "Fraganza" that's on the way to Dillards that has all of the usual bargain basement bottles but quite a few harder to find ones, too. Prices aren't all that great but when I made a face the clerk immediately started talking deal and dropped ten dollars off the mall inflated price. Still too much but a good sign nonetheless.

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    Sephora has opened a store at Fashion Place Mall. Good variety of Chanel, Dior, Kenzo and many others.

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    The New Nordstroms at the new City Creek Center in downtown Salt Lake City has an awesome selection of frags. They have the full line of Bond no 9 and the Bond Ambassador is named Chris and he is excellent to work with. He is very helpful and friendly and he is willing to give you some awesome samples.

    They also have the Diptyque line and Jo well as many other fragrances. It's a great new addition to SLC.

    The Nordstroms at Fashion Place Mall has the whole line of least I think it's the whole line, and they have Jo Malone there too.

    At the City Creek Center and the Fashion Place Mall they have Lush stores.

    We are finally getting some great frag stores!

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