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    Default spraying at store vs 1 ml sample vs 2.5 ml sample vs 5 ml sample

    It hit me that I bet some sales people try to control the nozzle, (which I hate, sales people who attempt to or whom I cant stop from spraying me, who won't allow me control to drive the tester) because they know one little spritz is incredibly seductive when I go off with it, the chances of me thinking I have to have it are increased exponentially. I've made some not so great for me purchases cause of this phenomonon.

    a 1 ml sample is really just as misleading, and also because I can't spray it, I have a very skewed idea of what owning the bottle would be like.

    a 2.5 ml spray sample should be enough to allow me to make a really good assessment

    and a 5 ml sample is a great proving ground cause, basically, if I empty it, I prolly want the bottle.
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    Default Re: spraying at store vs 1 ml sample vs 2.5 ml sample vs 5 ml sample

    Yes, in agreement on all counts.

    For me if a SA applies it, did they put it where I usually do in the amount I want? Too light a spray and I think it has no longevity and I probably have passed up on some purchases I may have wanted - but I do try to do a few tests having learned this. And like you said, it seems there are the SA's who try to do the spraying and control the test.

    The small samples do not give a true test as to whether you will grow to like it, or grow to hate it. How many times have I tried to dab the right amount out of a non-spray sample only to apply too much (yes, I should have learned to dab by now).

    I want to try it over a number of different circumstances and the larger sample sizes provide that opportunity for me.

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