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    Talking Right place and right time............creed!

    Out shopping/browsing in StAlbans and find myself in Pulse, an official stockist of the Creed line. Got talking with SA's about availability of hard to find stuff like Orange Spice and Acier Aluminium.

    Into the shop walks the official Creed representative, their regional sales manager. We get introduced and talking about the products.
    Out comes a bottle of Creed Virgin Island Water and we all get to test this new fragrance. Tried my best but she would not give or sell me the bottle. However, she did kindly fill up an empty sample vial with the fragrance. Informed that release date is not yet confirmed but will be in a few months.

    Got questioned by the Creed Manager and the shop staff whether I was in the perfumery business! I guess my knowledge was informed and up to date.

    I came clean and mentioned this site as the font of all my knowledge. We even got one of the SA's to open up this website with the help of her "hightech till".

    Creed girl will be checking us out later as fascinated by the concept of people getting together to discuss fragrances.

    She also openly discussed Creed's policy on it's products being sold on-line. Apparently all products are now traceable and if they trace anything back to an employee it's BYEBYE employee!

    A bit of bad news. Price increases are just around the corner!

    So now I have tested Creed's Virgin Island Water and have a sample. Also a business card of the helpful Creed manager! No comment as yet on the fragrance, as I'm still in fragrance overload having sprayed myself with everything.

    Also given (by the shop girls) samples to try of all the Creed fragrances that they had in stock.

    A good day out had by this happy shopper

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    Default Re: Right place and right time............creed!

    Thanks for the info. I'm VERY jealous. When are the price rises coming? (panic buying ensues...)
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    Default Re: Right place and right time............creed!

    You are kidding about the prices right ?

    I mean how much more can Creed charge ? The retail asking price is already a sky high $208 for 4 Oz. bottles ($185 for 2.5 Oz.) !!

    Spread the good word about Basenotes!

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    Default Re: Right place and right time............creed!

    Quote Originally Posted by zztopp
    You are kidding about the prices right ?

    I mean how much more can Creed charge ? The retail asking price is already a sky high $208 for 4 Oz. bottles ($185 for 2.5 Oz.) !!
    Luxury companies often like to say it's only because of the rising Euro/plunging dollar (which is maybe a PART of it), but mostly it is just because Creed is becoming more popular and because they CAN raise prices. When consumers perceive it as a status-symbol, they'll pay the higher prices because they think it will give them more clout (I mean, Creed is probably even mentioned now in rap songs alongside Gucci and Cristal).

    For me... it just makes me search harder for cheap testers from scentiments or creedirect.

    Most of my experiences with price increases come with Louis Vuitton. They raise their prices every six months because their bags are becoming more popular. They try to tow that line about "Oh, we don't WANT to raise prices, it's just that we can't survive because of the Euro rates!" But, come on... I bought a briefcase in 2003 that was $940. The same bag as of autumn 2006 is $1260 and they've even replaced the more $$$ leather piping/lining with a textile one.
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    Default Re: Right place and right time............creed!

    That is really awesome. Really, you got really freakin' lucky (And it may just be your good looks Roger Moore...), and you happen to know way more than them about fragrance. Cool post, let us know how VIW turns out!
    - Rich
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    Default Re: Right place and right time............creed!

    VIW is scheduled to be shipped to NM stores in just two weeks, meaning that tester bottles are probably already on shelves. I hope that my Creed SA will be mailing me a sample of VIW soon, like she did with Royal Ceylan, so that I won't have to make a special trip to NM (it's so hard to get in the mood for even Creed shopping these days, with this terribly bitter winter season the midwest is going through).

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    Default Re: Right place and right time............creed!

    Creed lady stated it was originally due for a xmas release. It wasn't ready then so they are waiting until a time when they think us buyers will be over the "xmas spent out blues".

    Apparently a "big" launch day is planned!
    Oh and Bois de Portugal was the ladies (and her husbands) choice from all Creeds!
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