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    Default The magical paper-strip

    Each saturday I go to this Douglas and try some scents, new or old. Sometime I write the name on the paper. And my pockets are full with papers, half identified, half unknown, some put on the table - you may know how it goes. Some months ago I found one, which stroke me: no name on the paper, just a mellow, a bit soapy, a bit smoky smell, extremely good. I even didn't know when had I sprayed on it. Went back each week, tried almost all the scents -except for the ones I had had, so knew very well (I thought)-, wrote the names accurately - no result. I gave up very sadly. This saturday I found no new scent, found all the shelves boring, by chance stood up by a scent I had had about 8 years before and didn't impress me, hadn't smelled since about 1990. Sprayed it, smelled it, didn't really like it, let's go. And that evening I knew I found what I looked for. It took about 8-10 hours to settle down, for the dry-down to develop. Now it's more than 3 days, the paper still has the same dry-down on it. In the reviews lots of bnoters mention similar experience, harsh, synthetic, not pleasant top-notes for hours, then the gift for the patient: a marvellous, very long lasting dry-down.
    Perhaps there are some who know the name: The Dreamer.
    I'm curious, if you have scents in your life, which you own, don't really love, years go by, then rediscover it as a shock? Or scents you find by chance, and seem to lose for a life, then find it again by chance?
    Just like love.

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    Default Re: The magical paper-strip

    I hated Angel Men when I first tried it. Now I love it!

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