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    I just read the article here on Basenotes about: Brothers Emmanuel and Thomas Saujet, CEO and president respectively of International Cosmetics & Perfumes; that they are the official distributors of Creed perfumes. It lists Neiman's, Bergdorf, certain Saks and Holt Renfrew (in Canada) as authorized retailers.

    Just out of curiosity, as I don't really understand how the perfume business works -What about the other reputable stores such as Aedes de Venustas of NYC that carry Creeds -does this mean they're not "authorized dealers". If not, how do stores like that get their stock of Creeds? If they were authorized dealers, than they'd be listed on the official Creed's website right? Just wondering.....

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    A Uk distribution manager for Creed yesterday told me about the time they took away the Creed supply from a shop that was failing in meeting targets.

    Next time she passed the shop she was surprised to see they were again selling Creed and had all the window displays and paraphanalia associated with being a stockist.

    Where they got any of the stuff from was anyone's guess. She stated there was nothing Creed could do!!!!

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    Default Re: CREED -Authorized Retailers....

    The SA at the store at the mall told me they were able to stock creed because they have so many stores, around 35 I believe. That's probably true, but I still don't know why Creed wouldn't list them as an official retailer.

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    My curiosity got the better of me and so I actually emailed Creed's and asked, to which they responded that they distribute to "select" boutiques as well all the big named / high-end department stores. I suppose they send people over to the shops to see if they're "worthy"?

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