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    Default Help please : valentines present

    hi ladies.. I am posting in your forum in the hope that you can help me find the perfect valentines day gift for my girlfriend.
    To tell you a bit about her... she is a good-looking 24 year old, loves to have fun, has a great personality, very sexy and cool. Dark hair, fair skin.
    When I met her she used to wear a Guerlain perfume 'Ylang et Vanilla', which I REALLY liked on her. But she told me she doesn't want that one again as its being discontinued and is a bit hard to find. I know she wants something more mainstream... and maybe a bit less expensive too What are your ideas??

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    Default Re: Help please : valentines present

    What a sweet person you are! And welcome to our forum! Depnding on where you are and how much money you can spend, here are some suggestions:

    1) Guerlain samples arranged in a heart-shaped pretty basket, box, crystal bowl, so that she can choose the one she likes best and, thus, eliminate the problem of choosing when it comes to a bigger bottle for her birthday, Christmas, etc;

    2) A trip to sniff the mall -- a bonding experience that will give you a better idea of her likes/ dislikes -- just pop into each store and smell their fragrances away (please take with you a handful od coffee beans to chew on in-between the sniffings, but some stores will offer them free!);

    3) A bit less expensive? Bath and body products, like shower gel and body lotion, but the whole thing of Aqua Allegorias is not that bad pricewise, there are a lot more expensive or "niche" fragrances out there and your Nordstroms or Von Mauer should have them in stock!

    4) Lines to pay attention to:
    Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue,
    Christian Dior Dior Cherie,
    Lancome Hypnose,
    Hermes Hiris,
    Lolita Lempicka L,
    or, search "vanilla" in the Directory.

    5) Something might just "appeal" to you, like my DH gave me a bottle of Moschino Couture! for Valentine's last year, and I like it just because he went through the trouble of choosing it himself.

    Good luck!
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    Default Re: Help please : valentines present

    She might like Jean Paul Gaultier Classique or Fresh's Lucia.

    I suggest you go sniffing together though before and check responses. Good luck!

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    Talking Re: Help please : valentines present

    I was actually looking for an idea myself, Theres some good ideas already but I know that there are some big prestige department stores that organise for a day with an expert perfumer who will assist with creating an individual unique pefume for the particular person you're buying for. So they get to find out what notes they like and dislike and have something special created especially for them.
    As far as I can remember prices at some where like Harrods in the UK start from around GBP80.00 which is not so bad for the love of your life!

    Bye Bye : )

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    Default Re: Help please : valentines present

    Looks like Twolf covered it really good. Hope you have a happy valentine's day.

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    Default Re: Help please : valentines present

    Armani's new Code for women is proving very popular and I find it very
    sexy and wearable.
    I would second JPG's Classique and add Cristobal (Balenciaga) or maybe Angel Innocent.
    Hope you have a great Valentine's Day.
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