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    I'm a newbie round these parts.

    My favourite scents are (in no particular order): creed royal english leather, creed cuir de russie, knize ten, helmut lang cuiron, and (no not another leather!) aqua di parma (original).

    I'm currently in Spain, and with the exception of Aqua di parma, none of the above seem to be available here. El Corte Ingles has started to stock Creed, but unfortunately, not the two I like.

    So here's a challenge. Can you recommend a fragrance I might enjoy, that I maybe able to obtain over here?

    Yours truly
    Apologies for bumping my own thread.

    I've just read Supermarkey's excellent thread regarding Cuir Mauresque, and wonered whether this might be a fragrance worth trying, given my favourites listed above? Is Cuir Mauresque similar to any of them?

    Yours truly

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    I Thang You!

    Favourites: Knize Ten Golden Edition, Creed Royal English Leather, Creed Cuir de Russie, Helmut Lang Cuiron, Creed Zeste Mandarine Pampelmousse

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