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    Default Suggest, please -CREED

    My mother wants something from Creed.
    As I haven't smelled women's Creed scent, I can not suggest her.

    What are the best of women Creeds?

    She does not like heavy,vanilla, oriental, chypre scents. Such scents irritate her.

    She would like a scent for spring, summer... like her favorite - RL Romance

    She also likes Coco, No 19, No 5

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    Default Re: Suggest, please -CREED

    Beautiful Dreamer....the only Creeds I have worn don't fit your parameters, being oriental/floral/chypre, so I can't help there.

    But why not go to the site: and check out the notes for women's fragrances? Then go to the BN Directory and see if some BNers don't offer decants or samples of those you think she might like?

    Bonne chance!!
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    Default Re: Suggest, please -CREED

    I think she might enjoy Fleurissimo - tuberose, bulgarian rose, violet, and Florentine Iris. I find this very elegant and dreamy. I'm also a big fan and own a bottle of Creed's Fleur de The Rose Bulgare -heaven in a bottle! Don't confuse it with "Fleurs De Bulgarie" though, which is much headier; whereas Fleur de The Rose Bulgare is light and airy.

    Oh, forgot..there's of course Spring Flower which has a fruity note-which IMO makes it more girly.
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    Default Re: Suggest, please -CREED

    I obtained samples of the following for my gf:

    Spring Flower - fruity floral, easy to wear, suitable for all occasions. I like the melange of fruits and flowers in this one. Light and fun, this is the perfect spring/summer scent.

    Love in White - a bit more heady than spring flower, with a great iris note. I feel its still suitable for all occasions, smells great, and is more "earthy" than Spring Flower.

    Tuberose Indiana - a fantastic tuberose fragrance which smells "fresh"! I found it to be quite uplifting at the same time. Great stuff.

    Fleurs De Bulgarie - opens with an excellent rose note, with a sensual drydown of musk and ambergris. More formal.

    Fleurs De The Rose Bulgarie - a stunning rose note on display here. Absolute (no pun intended) best.

    I also tested samples of Fantasia De Fleurs and 2000 fleurs and found them to be heavy florals but didnt analyze them in detail.
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    Default Re: Suggest, please -CREED

    OMG avoid Angelique Encens.
    Wow, its a really unique take on vanilla. Smells like nothing else. Amazing.
    But--its still vanilla.

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    Default Re: Suggest, please -CREED

    I would suggest Vanisia if she is a fan of Chanel's Coco, they are in the same family.

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    Default Re: Suggest, please -CREED

    If it is for spring/summer and you specify it like that, look no further than Spring Flower. Not my personal favourite, but it's nice.

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    Default Re: Suggest, please -CREED

    Vanisia is oriental and can be heady.
    It was the first Creed I actually liked to be honest.

    Creed I found a very difficult house to get into a first, but I did manage.

    I agree with those already mentioned.

    Jasmin Imperatice Eugenie is lovely jasmine,sandalwood,rose,vanilla,bergamot.
    2000 Fleurs floral
    Spring Flower
    both of the above pretty florals.

    How about getting some samples and letting your mother blind test and see which one really is her?
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    Default Re: Suggest, please -CREED

    I'm wearing 2000 Fleurs today and its first applictation is a big hitter. I'm hoping the drydown provide more subtle hints later on. It may be too heady and obvious for someone who prefers lighter notes.

    I would recommend Spring Flower, which is one of my favourite perfumes in the world, Creed or otherwise.

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    Arrow Re: Suggest, please -CREED

    a very fresh, soft and alluring scent I wold recommend Spring Flower, it was released for Audrey Hepburn after she passed away. very floral and soft not overpowering

    the other perfume is Royal Waters Blend of peaches.peppermint, verbena, sicilian mandarin, calabrian bergamot, basil, cumin, juniper berry & musk of tonka . this is fresh, clean and up lifting

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    Default Re: Suggest, please -CREED

    Exclusive Virgin Island Water EDP.

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