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    Thumbs up Smells like a barber shop in church

    I LOVE it!! I was first exposed to Trumper's Spanish Leather in their Jermyn Street store on vacation in late 2005. Had to have a bottle. My wife bought it for me and since then I can't get enough of it. Starts out like a thoroughbred at the racetrack and mellows to a cuddly teddy bear over the course of the day. It's all there: leather, soap, some cigar undertones, firewood, hence all the ingredients that make men MEN. Just ordered GFT Marlborough and I'm sure it'll give me the same satisfaction, if not more. Cheers to the House of Trumper...and many more royal appointments to you all.

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    Fantastic post! Try their shaving soaps/creams while your at it My personal trumper favs are 'royal 'cologne and the wild fern.

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    Welcome "hoping to be absolved"! I join you in being very impressed with the offerings of Geo. F. Trumper. I am bowled over, frankly, with the house's Sandalwood Cologne, and also delight in wearing Eucris and Marlborough. They were very generous with samples, and I still have five to sample, including Spanish Leather. Your description makes me even more keen to try it and the rest. Do share with us your continuing impressions as your fragrance journey continues.

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    Another trumpers fan here. The limes is exquisite (if short lived, its a citrus blast), eucris is my favouite smart/casual scent, sandalwood is really excellent, GFT a special lemon frag. I'm not so keen on the spanish leather but thats just because I'm not much of a leather fan.

    I have just this morning received the unfragranced moisturiser. am going to try it as an aftershave.
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