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    Default quick question about Idole de Lubin

    I noticed that in the basenotes directory, a search for Idole nets two results: the Idole that I know of (and am sampling today) and another Idole- one that is discontinued and marked as a feminine frag.

    Can anyone tell me the story on this one? Was it like old spice (was originally marketed towards women) or was the women's version an entirely different scent?

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    Default Re: quick question about Idole de Lubin

    The original incarnation of Idole was definitely intended exclusively for women by the Lubin house way back when. Where the new Idole is quite boozy and rather vanillic-sweet, the original is not. The original was much more of a floral fragrance, with a distinct greenness to the composition. Giacobetti's Idole is more of a reinvention than a reformulation, I feel, since the old and new differ so greatly.

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