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    I was late getting there and missed the gendarme (you know, that cologne that smells just like woolite) guy's presentation so never knew who he was.

    The presentations I did hear often seemed to support luca turin's bemoaning of "naif" perfumers: several had this "I never planned to get into fragrances but then I slipped on a banana peel one day and the next thing I knew I was making bank!" story. The "catherine de medici" woman started her line after a vacation to florence, when a shop window caught her eye and licensing their products and their "schtick" (There was this flood and manuscripts wer discovered with recipies for CdM's colognes. Whatever.) with her mom got it all started. Rob Robinson sort of went about things using the internet and getting a random study group to make a scent with no previous expertise. And, yes, celebrity noses were pressed into service. The story of the gendarme (woolite) guy is well known, even if I didn't hear it from his own mouth: music exec more or less accidentally ends up with a vat of hypoallergenic woolite, I mean cologne, that was never produced. He gives scads of it away as prezzies to music people who then cause boutique owners to call asking to sell woolite, I mean gendarme, in their stores. . . and the scent was crowned with the campy copy, "Gendarme, the arresting new fragrance for men". When was that I wonder. Seems like a totally 70s 'campaign' idea to me, somehow.

    Ron Robinson was being quite friendly to me when my camera person Suzanne knocked over a bottle of lotion and broke it. but it was hardly her fault the place was so crowded. That was a moodbreaker.

    I spoke to the president of l'artisan, who is pretty young, and was very nice. Someone came up to tell him how much she adored safran troublant. I told him my little story of how I fell in love with a ml, then got a huge bottle and was overwhelmed and swapped it then obtained a partial small bottle which I felt was "just right" for me and now I'm really liking the scent again without the sort of anxiety of having so much of it. I suppose he probably thought "what an ***hole!" and I wouldn't blame him if he did. I wasn't about to rave about mure et musc, that would be dreadfully recherché, since it was invented when he was probablment still in les pampers. Oh well, I've never been a huge artisan fan but he was a nice man. The new narcisse is quite green has a yerbamate feel to it, and like most artisans not all that strong.

    The best part for me was at santa maria novella where I hustled my favorites to a really receptive group of women. There were like 2 other "stags" there besides Marlen and some photographer. I exchanged 2 words with one of them and wish I'd asked him more. I sat with marlen at the luncheon though, which was fun and it was good to pick his encyclopediac brain about some fragrance cognates out there. Should have definitely interviewed the other men. Honestly I was really not at all into shooting this event cause I still have my other project on my mind with my next deadline on the 16th. In fact we left apothia early to go look at the latest cut.

    The presentation by the Creative Scentualizations woman was quite nice. She handed out paper strips of her "Perfect Gardenia" then strips of some of the notes: gardenia, patchouli, bergamot and fressia. I think I needed one more layer: strips with combinations of 2, then 3. 4! strips in all = 24. Although there's no reason I couldn't have smelled them in groups of 2 and 3, now that I think of it. She shoudla ordered us to!

    High tea with marlen and the 'catherine de medici" woman was nice but I think many of us were exhausted and overfed by that point and actually I think I got a slight case of food poisoning from the finger sandwiches, although it could have been the earlier lunch that disrupted my innards, or something else upset my delicate constitution. Anyhow I missed half of marlen's talk for an extended bathroom break that was urgently necessary but suzanne did manage to shoot it.

    Incorrigible, my favorite 'moment' of all was when one luscious young sales assistant I asked told me where to find the gift bags and, precious thing that I am, I just didn't understand and had to ask again. He sort of touched me a little as he moved to take me to there personally and I impulsively reached for his hand and we went walking through the store hand in hand. Lovely, bonerlicious moment.

    Anyway the event was sweet, lightweight, the gift bags were really quite generous. Mostly the "perfume hos" as they were styled by the woman who first encouraged me to come (thinking I would be interested in some of the gals but cautioning me I would have to compete for them with of all people, Marlen!) were middle aged women of various shapes and sizes. There was one really hot young babe with an ed hardy baseball cap - a very la chick - and I noticed she went up to the display after the creative scentualizations presentation (oh it's terrible I don't have her name at the ready, ms creative scentualizations, she was particularly sweet actually) to sniff some pure essences that were not used in the presentation, which impressed me. So I was sure to lead her around SMN to all my favorites and she was into all of it. A basenotes wet dream if there ever was one. Also there was this girl with tatoos I made sure got to sample marescialla. Unfortuantely she had me put it on her and the splash bottle just gushed like a fire hydrant all over her arm. it was pretty embarrassing but she was cool about it although unlike many others she was not into marecialla. I can't wait to go by SMN again to ask how the numbers were for the stuff I was prostelytizing (sic?) about.

    I did come away with a belief that I really do have a good nose as we sniffed things together and discussed them. We were all given a sample of a cologne and everyone was sniffing it and trying to pick out notes and I sort of ended the discussion by pointing out "it smells like play doh" and they were all like "Oh, that's exactly what it smells like", setting it aside. I didn't mean to demystify the fragrance (oh sure I didn't!), but what can you do. Who wants to smell like a kindergarten teacher impregnated with the germs of little ones. (People who wear "People of the Labyrinths Luctor et Emergo" that's who!) And I had my gendarme woolite theory corroborated by a few noses. Wait I really need to qualify that. The excersize withe the creative scentualizations woman was humbling, but I expected it to be nothing less.

    Oh wait! I did meet a basenoter. But his handle is a difficult early internet one: TbD2000something..., I knew I sort of recognized that bit of alphabet soup, but I can't remember it properly...I think he needs a proper 21st century handle! He was very nice. I felt bad cause he told me he tried to bid on the Borneo I cruelly snatched away from ebay, leaving a woman in Moscow despondent too. I vow never to do that again, will set reserve prices in the future. But I have already gotten more selling decants than the bottle looked likely to go for. I mean I know people snipe, but usually with lutens you see where the thing is going a bit ahead of time. He kindly commiserated when I told him how much I lost on the auction of the Amouage Dia (decants of which are no longer available, alas!), so I thought that was tres sympathique of him! And then we said goodnight. He was the last person I spoke to I think before I dragged my scented ass home.
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    That was me at SMN telling you about the Borneo. I wasn't terribly upset by it, I do have a bottle and was frankly hoping to get a bargain. It did occur to my fevered brain when you mentioned that you had a pending auction to run over to the Apple Store and bid on it, but that would have been less than sporting. Besides, you're bigger than me and work out a lot more.

    Yeah I should get a less "early internet" ID. But I've had it since the beginning of time, and sometimes people not remembering it can be a plus. After all, if you were SMK90036 you wouldn't have had to put up with me boring you with my Borneo bi7ch, right? Anonymity can have it's upside.

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    You weren't bitching! It was the gal we were with who pounced on me with a bit of a talking to. I'm glad she did though, and I'm glad you put a human face on a problem I'd never given adequate consideration to. So! You already have some Borneo. Ok. Well, there's [--------PM re another auction he should look into for something similar to borneo - -- ] I tried to hook up the woman in Moscow with someone in the EU who would probably help her. I stopped short of saying a rosary though.

    Well I wish supermarky were anonymous X sometimes after I see what's up there after I hit "send". but you should maybe jazz up your handle just for practical reasons. I mean if what if I finally decided I wanted to sell you the borneo but couldn't remember your handle. I mean I could track you down. but right now there is someone whose handle I lost and I have no idea how to pick him out of basenotes again short of posting a "missed connections" type post which I think I will. . .

    "saw you in the basenotes marketplace section, you were wearing jeans, tshirt and a baseball cap. . . "

    mmm and if anybody read this before, please note I included my previously conveniently forgotten observation that the scent strip demo was humbling to the old schnozzola.

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    Default Re: sniffapalooza!

    I'm INSANELY jealous of bags, canoodling with the prezz of L'Artisan & lunching with Marlen! A basenoters dream come true.

    Love the bonerlicious SA story too.


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    Default Re: sniffapalooza!

    Looks like you had a great time supermarky - any pics with the US president of L'Artisan and that woolite dude ?

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    LOL !!! You have a way of writing Supermarky. I really enjoyed reading your post and laughing at the same time, thanks I needed that today .

    Glad you got to go , I know you were looking forward to it. Wish I was there too.

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    I'll post the pics of me with mssr artisan, whose name I don't know. but it's going to take me several days. . .

    the gendarme guy, Topper Schroeder, I didn't . .. know who he was. someone said it was "the guy with a goatee" but I . . . couldn't put it together .. . . .

    there is probably a shot of me with ron robertson... maybe some others celebutantes, I"m not sure . . . when I sort through it I will post some pics though!

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