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    I think this would be a good after work, kick-it-on-the-weekend scent for me. Where is a place with a great price for this, or a gift set of this. I have a bottle of Trumper Royal I am trying to get rid of as my wife says it is too barbershop on me.


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    Scentiments tends to have a good price on Armani Code... but since it's so popular, don't expect much of a bargain, even from them.
    It's really quite pleasant, except for the smell (...)
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    let me tell you about Code, REGUARDLESS of what people say in reviews, this colognes LASTS..Seriously... I smell it both on myself for ever and on this kid in my Metal works class.. even over the smell of sulphur and metals.

    put it this way. I put 3 sprays on at 8 is OVERPOWERING still at 2 PM.
    I can smell it on that guy in the class even though hes a few feet from me...outstanding.

    i sprayed it once on a shirt last night to test it. i spraye dit at 8 PM, its still there..STRONG ..I MEAN STRONG (as if i just put it on..NO JOKE). and its 2 PM the next day right now. thats ...18 hours. EIGHTEEN hours, and it smells FRESH OUT OF THE BOTTLE.

    I tried it out b/c its my brothers, but i dont wear it b/c...

    1. the kid in my class has smells exactly the same on him as it does on me and its got sillage..lots of it.

    2. its too powdery for my tastes.

    if you like powdery/soft/clean kinda smells. this one is for you.

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