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Thread: Kiton Napoli

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    Default Kiton Napoli

    What is the consensus on this?

    Id like a scent that has some legs and projection, maybe a little bit more than just middle of the road on each. I have Green Irish Tweed and Millisime Imperial for summer and spring, and Eau Des Iles, Fumerie Turque and Chergui for winter. Fumerie may go into spring and fall equally.

    I dont want to spend say more than $60 for a cologne that can be year round. I think my wardrobe is heavy oriental. I dont like too much vanilla (Habit Rouge, LE Male) nor do I like a lot of powder (Second go round with Yerbamate did it for me).

    My wife did like Black Code and that may be what I settle on. She hates most all the Trumpers (Spanish Leather she made me sell and now she is tired of Royal).

    I dont want something every kid has like Acqua di Gio, and I dont want something formal or old man like Rocabar and some of the Hermes.

    So, what about the Kitons, or Canali, or feel free to suggest something else, but remember, I dont want the prices of another Lutens. This one is more for the weekends, or a quick spritz when I come home to go out to eat or the backyard party


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    I've been Kiton's number one fan here for the last 6 years. But I wouldn't describe it as a loud scent.

    Kiton Napoli is a louder scent, and a fairly unusual sharp smelling oriental. Nothing much by way of powder here, and the vanilla is weaker than in other orientals. I'm still not sure I like it all that much. There's something slightly discordant about it - I have the same feeling towards D&G's By.

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    Default Re: Kiton Napoli

    Kiton Napoli is like Dali Laguna on steroids.

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    Does anybody know who sells this online?
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