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    Default Something like Attraction

    Yesterday I visited 2 major department stores and had a whale of a time sniffing many, many fragrances that I've read tons about but had never tried before. Well it was a real eye-opener : I can't believe there are SO many perfumes that get rave reviews here that I just don't care for at all. And the oddest thing is that the one fragrance I was NOT expecting to like, the one that I have read some really bad reviews on , is one of the few that I really DID end up liking: Attraction by Lancome. Maybe I just have really poor taste ... but I think it also has something to do with the types of perfumes available. I noticed a lot of orientals and chypres (far too heavy for me) and a lot of straight/fruity florals (far too light). I prefer something inbetween, something floral yet warm and woody, there don't seem to be a lot of these scents around. Does anyone have any suggestions for me?
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    Seems like I finally got me a fragrance twin! That's what I like: warm and in-between (except for the days when I am in the mood for a cold and distinct chypre! or hot and loud oriental!). You will not know how often I get thoughts about having a poor taste as well as become hesitant after having read the reviews or not finding ANY in the Directory!

    So glad you found the one that you liked yesterday. Did you get a big bottle or a small bottle? What do you like about it, the beginning, or the whole thing? Any particular note done well? Does it last on you? Any comments from your near and dear?

    Here is what has worked for me: do not rush to buy it right away, give it a couple of more tries. If samples are not available at the particular store, come with 2 or 3 empty vials and a candy bar and ask a SA if you can take some of the fragrance from their tester bottle home with you to see how it behaves 20 and more feet away from the counter. If you still like it and get up in the morning thinking of it -- you have found it! Invest in a bottle, wear it with abandon and spread the LOVE! We have so many members on Basenotes doing the same thing: musse was the first one to share her love with KenzoAmour (my SotD today) and Oswald Boateng Bespoke on the board, shadesofbleu introduced me to Boucherons and Habanita, Tinker loves her Carons, Tovah spread the word about Cabotine, kewart can't say enough of the good things about Cristobal, Lalage was gracious to point me in the direction of Rococo, Lady_in_Black was so enthusiastic about Maria Amalia, even thisbekevin can't seem to hold his love for Paris Hilton. This is just a few examples, but I suppose you get the picture (and sorry guys if your name did not get mentioned!).

    I have a sample of Lancome Attraction and sure need to dig it out and retest now after you post. Meantime, I was thinking about Chanel Chance, Ungaro pour Femme, Visari Fleurage, Charles Jourdan Inspiration, Les Copains (new, black box). Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!
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    Default Re: Something like Attraction

    I kind of like attraction too, don't find it too original but it's a nice scent...
    you might want to try also:

    Dolce&Gabbana Woman
    Je reviens by worth
    Champs Elysées by Guerlain
    too much Champs Elysées by guerlain
    J'adore by Dior
    Dalissime by Dali
    Diorissimo by Dior
    Eternity Summer 2005 by CK
    Pleasures Exotic by Estée Lauder
    Jessica McClintock by Jessica McClintock

    now, i'm not saying that they are just like Attraction but there must be at least one of these that you might like...
    happy huntin'!

    i also agree with Twolf's recs!

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    Default Re: Something like Attraction

    Thanks guys for your kind words and support! I will definitely sample these other fragrances you have both mentioned and Twolf, I will take your advice about getting a take-away sample before I buy Attraction. To answer your questions, I found the top notes unremarkable, though not unpleasant, but the fragrance definitely got better after it had been on my skin for a while. I really liked the patchouli note, its there but its subtle and doesn't drown out the florals. But I will definitely have to try it again before I attempt to describe it.

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    I've actually written a review on Attraction,and I like itCan't remember what score it got back then,though.To me it's a frag I need to be in the mood for.But once I am it really makes me feel happy,but relaxed at the same time.Me too tend to like scents that are somehow a bit in between.In Attraction I love the Iris as well as the woodyness and gardenia.Other scents?....I'm sure others are better at suggestions than me,but I think Champs elysees is a good suggestion.Other frags I think have a bit of the same feel to them as this one is Sensi and JPG Classique.Hope this helps

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    Default Re: Something like Attraction

    Quote Originally Posted by ineespenes
    Other frags I think have a bit of the same feel to them as this one is Sensi and JPG Classique.Hope this helps
    Great recs, i forgot about those too!

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