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    Default Shopping in Ft. Lauderdale...Recommendations?

    I'm going to be in Ft. Lauderdale next week on vacation. Can anyone recommend a place to shop for fragrances--other than Saks and Neiman Marcus? Is there any other place in that area to buy niche fragrances?

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    Default Re: Shopping in Ft. Lauderdale...Recommendations? is a good place to start. Lots of great bargains to be found around here. In addition to the stuff in that thread, there's also a couple of fragrance shops and a few more "carts/stands" in Sawgrass Mills - the largest outlet mall complex in the world (last time i checked, anyway) -

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    Default Re: Shopping in Ft. Lauderdale...Recommendations?

    Scentiments is in the Festival Flea Market on Sample Road in Coconut Creek. They have two kiosks and there are several other excellent sellers there as well. It is only about 15 minutes from Fort Lauderdale. "Withscents", a top eBay seller has a discount store in Aventura, about 15 minutes as well. PM me for further info.

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    Default Re: Shopping in Ft. Lauderdale...Recommendations?

    What a coincidence Zestyfresh...I was just in Ft. Lauderdale yesterday afternoon fragrance shopping myself.

    Yes, Neiman Marcus & Saks (in the Galleria Mall) are good places to start (the N. Marcus SA's are a little "snooty"...but once they realize you know your way around fragrances they usually warm up to you). However, in the same mall they have a Sephora (samples, samples, samples), a kiosk selling some interesting and discontinued frags [literally 100 feet from the Neiman Marcus], a L'Occitane store (love their stuff, but some if it has ZERO sillage) and a discount fragrance store too (not Perfumania, but a similiar retail type store).

    I lterally stumbled out of Galleria Mall smelling like 25 different scents...

    Good luck

    p.s. - Avoid Miami Beach like the plague next week, it's the annual Boat Show and its Ca-RAYZEE!

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    Default Re: Shopping in Ft. Lauderdale...Recommendations?

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    Default Re: Shopping in Ft. Lauderdale...Recommendations?

    Quote Originally Posted by Lightninrod

    that's quite a hike - my sister lives up that way and it's about a 3.5 hour drive from Ft Lauderdale to North Sarasota. that's darn near south Georgia!! ;-P

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    Default Re: Shopping in Ft. Lauderdale...Recommendations?

    Thanks for all the tips, guys!

    I've been to Sawgrass Mills....last year was my first. I was totally amazed! A Burberry AND a Miss Sixty outlet store?!?! Huh, What? The Valentino store wasn't completed yet, but I hope it will be this year. I could have gotten into a lot of financial trouble. I missed out on the frags, though.....I suppose I was a bit distracted having to babysit a hyperactive Canadian Queen with attention-deficit disorder. I'll take a better look this time.

    I'm sure I'll check out Saks and Neiman Marcus. I'm desperately wanting to try the new Creed Virgin Island Water....and Bond No. 9 Bryant Park if they have a sample to sniff.

    What about Las Olas? Anyone know about any small boutique stores along there? Last year I found a fantastic candle store in Wilton Manors....I hope it's still in business.

    Again, thanks for the tips......

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    Default Re: Shopping in Ft. Lauderdale...Recommendations?

    The best prices in Florida for to buy perfumes is Cortes. This store is oriented to latin people who are in Miami for tourism. Great place,but maybe not too much niche perfumes.

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