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    Default Aramis JHL - not discontinued

    This scent is described on BN directory as discontinued. It is routinely listed as one of the great discontinued frags in forum discussions. In fact, my contrib to one of those discussions led some other BNers (Azsmells and trumpet_guy) to question whether it was discontinued or not.

    I went to the horse's mouth and emailed Estee Lauder (the company not the person - even my email account doesn't go that far ). I received a prompt reply from a Mr Cool (I kid you not) of EL Customer Relations.

    "Thank you for taking the time to contact us and for your interest in Estee

    In response to your e-mail, I wish to advise that JHL is in limited distribution in the United States. Two good resources are Saks Fifth Avenue in New York City and Bloomingdale’s in New York City. The telephone number for Bloomingdale’s in New York City is 001 212-705-2101 and Saks Fifth Avenue 001 800-330-8497 (ask for Men’s Fragrances).

    Once again, thank you for contacting us and for the opportunity to address
    your concern."

    I thought this was particularly important to spread the word on, beside the intrinsic joy of the truth, because of the price premium that is routinely applied to 'discontinued' or 'hard to find' frags.

    BTW - I was impressed by Mr Cool's accurate use of the apostrophe and use of the full word 'telephone'.


    Edit: After posting I found this thread

    it covers similar ground but doesn't seem to arrive at any definite conclusion about the availablity of JHL
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    Default Re: Aramis JHL - not discontinued

    I've seen it available at a few stores in the Seattle area so it seems to be available. As I recall the the price was $56 for a 100ml bottle at my local Macy's.
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    Default Re: Aramis JHL - not discontinued

    I've seen JHL on the shelves at virtually every Nordstrom store I've been to, as well.
    It's really quite pleasant, except for the smell (...)
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    Default Re: Aramis JHL - not discontinued

    Aramis 900, Devin, New West, Tuscany, and JHL; are not discontinued. They are sold only in limited markets and can be found in Bloomingdale's flagship store.

    I believe as long as the Lauder family is in control of the company JHL will never be discontiued - it would be like them doing away with Youth Dew.

    JHL was created by the founder for her husban.

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    Default Re: Aramis JHL - not discontinued

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    Default Re: Aramis JHL - not discontinued

    Bought mine at the flagship Saks last Spring, but have not seen it there since the Summer.

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