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    Question Return Policy for Colognes?

    I've been wondering about the return policy of colognes. A few questions regarding returns:

    1.) What is the general return policy? (time limit, reason, amount used, etc...)
    2.) General reasons for returns?
    3.) Things to keep in mind for returns (condition of box, reason for returning, etc...)
    4.) What were your experiences in returning colognes?
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    Default Re: Return Policy for Colognes?

    few places will let you return frags which are opened. Nordstroms is the only place I know of with a different policy, and theirs is downright ridiculous: anything, anytime.

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    Default Re: Return Policy for Colognes?

    No shit, Joel?! I'll have to remember that!

    My experiences:

    I've returned (with no questions asked) fragrances to Meijers, Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Target, Perfumania (brick and mortar) and TJ Maxx. I still don't think they'd let you (or I) return fragrances that are depleted, though. And I'd assume they want the box back too. I can't promise all stores in these chains will do the same.

    Most other places will only offer a return or exchange if the cellophane (if it exists) isn't opened, and you have a receipt.

    If you think a place might be "borderline", and if you've only sprayed it a few times or less, hold the bottle upside down, so that the little "straw" thing in the bottle is sucking air, and clear it out. Also, wipe away any excess that might have accumulated from around the nozzle. That way, it will seem as though it had never been sprayed. This would be handy for a place that only offers exchanges/returns on unUSED stuff.

    It's a safe assumption (generally) that you won't be able to return something after you open it, so do your homework first!
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    Default Re: Return Policy for Colognes?

    I have returned opened bottles to Walgreens, Macy's and Saks. In each case, I told the SA that I didn't like them.

    In each case the bottle and packaging were perfect, and could be mistaken for new.

    I imagine that the experience may vary widely due to approach, personality, etc.
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    Default Re: Return Policy for Colognes?

    Quote Originally Posted by Joel_Cairo
    few places will let you return frags which are opened. Nordstroms is the only place I know of with a different policy, and theirs is downright ridiculous: anything, anytime.
    Yeps, I can also verify Nordstrom's policy. No questions asked.

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    Default Re: Return Policy for Colognes?

    Let's see...I've returned "gently" used fragrances to Marshall's, Target, Nordies, Burlington Coat Factory & Sephora. All have been within a week of purchase, and receipt and box in tow. The only place that gave me a bit of a problem was Burlington Coat Factory. The store was brand new, and the SA was a bit fuzzy on returns. She called the manager to the front, and she really didn't know what to do. I kind of had to plea my case (only used 2 sprays, had all the original packaging plus receipt). Eventually, I got my way.

    I VERY rarely return frags. I mean, I live just minutes away from all these places, so I have ample opportunity to sniff. So when I get something, it's usually for keeps. And I ONLY buy frags at retail prices when I can't get a substantial bargain off of ebay or e-tailers.
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    Default Re: Return Policy for Colognes?

    Returns: the Perfume company's view.

    Generally a perfume company will not take back a perfume if the box is open. (Cellophane or seal)

    In our case opened packages have to be destroyed, because we use a screw top. It would be easy to take the sprayer away, decant the perfume and put water or some other liquid in the bottle.

    The security aspect is also important. Here in Europe there where a few cases of poisoned food in supermarkets.

    In order to be able to return perfumes I think its good to stick with a shop and have some kind of relationship with the salespeople. If they know and trust you they will probably make an exception and take back a perfume from time to time.

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