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    Default Coconut Nut

    I love the smell of coconuts: the shell (wether it's the green one or the smaller brown one), coconut milk and water and its flesh.
    I am currently looking for something coconut oriented like say, Piña Colada-inspired , heavier on the coconut of course.
    The problem is that many of the coconut frags also have a very heavy vanilla-sugar note and i was thinking more of a light coconut water, a coconut drink, even one with booozy top notes.
    It reminds me of the holidays.
    Any recs?
    what are your fav coconut frags and why?

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    Default Re: Coconut Nut

    Unlike you, I am not a fan of coconut in scents, but I like the coconut milk note in Magical Moon: it gives a sense of the texture of fresh, moist coconut, but none of the suntan lotion heaviness commonly associated with coconut.

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    There is a really nice coconut note in Datura Noir . Oh I LOVE coconut too! Something about a very distinct creamy gardenia note also reminds me of coconuts... If you have not tried Miami Glow yet, maybe give that one a try - there is a very tropical coconuty note in that one too.
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    I see my name splashing all over the cover page...

    I love Datura Noir and I also like the Premier Figuier by L'Artisan which has a little bit of coconut in it. I have also bought Miami Glow by J.Lo recently which is probably too sweet to your likings.

    I did a search on the BN directory, interestingly, Carnal Flower has a bit of coconut in it... but honestly my nose could not detect any.

    I have also tried Ysatis by Givenchy. It is described as a Chypre-Floral Animalic (from the parfumsraffy site)
    Top Notes: Mandarin, bergamot, ylang-ylang, galbanum, orange blossom, coconut, rosewood, greens, aldehydes
    Heart Notes: Rose, jasmine, polianthes, iris, tuberose, ylang-ylang, carnation, narcissus
    Base Notes: Bay rum, vetiver, patchouli, oakmoss, sandalwood, clove, vanilla, amber, musk, honey, civet, castoreum

    The coconut doesn't stand out in this, but by looking at the composition, it is one great recipe!

    I google'd and found that Escada Man by Escada is a woody oriental and also contains coconut.

    Happy Searching!
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    Default Re: Coconut Nut

    My fingers are tripping over myself because they're so excited to recommend Sage Onyx!

    The vanilla in Onyx is very dry, and not sugary. The tobacco flower and oakmoss blend with coconut is very sultry, and not foody.

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    In addition to the ones already mentioned: Escada's Pacifique Paradise and my favorite coconut, CSP Vanille Coco, not the chocolate one.
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    Default Re: Coconut Nut


    If you have the chance to try Creed's new Virgin Island Water when it come out -- it is v.coconutty.

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    I second Magical Moon, my HG, as it has a true coconut note, but coupled with fruit and incense.
    Yves Rocher makes a coconut EdT which is very true, and not vanilla-coconut. You could use it for layering and it's very inexpensive.
    Pacific Paradise (Escada) is very very tropical, and very beach party. That's the only time I use it, but when I'm in that mood, it's fun, and definitely has a lot of coconut.
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    If you want Pina Colada Coconut try Pilar and Lucy The Exact Friction of the Stars. I inadvertantly received a sample of this when I had in fact ordered Tiptoeing Through Chambers Of The Moon. To me it smelled just like Pina Colada.

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    Default Re: Coconut Nut

    I am not really a coconut head so my suggestions may not really appeal to you - but here goes anyway:

    TBS Coconut perfume oil - I find this reminds me of the sweet, fresh milk / flesh with a complimentary touch of green. Not overly sweet / vanillary at all. However The Body Shop is notorius for discontinuing and changing their formulas on a whim so if it is still available I cannot say how the current version smells. Still worth a try as it is so affordable. If you enjoy their Coconut Body Butter you will definitely love the perfume oil.

    Attar Bazar Sudanese Black Coconut - I have not tried this one personally so cannot give a true review but it is frequently recommended as one of the truest, none vanillary / suntan lotion like coconut perfume scents out there. Worth a try.

    TBS Pineapple & Coconut - The Body Shop had a limited range of body items (soap, body lotion, showergel) of this scent combo which sounds perfect. You maybe able to source it online or eBay as it is no longer available in the shops.
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    Ysatis was mostly orange blossom and jasmine on me, but there was a coconut influence in there. I think coconut is a magical note. Ysatis is a must-try on the skin. It is incredibly deep and powerful. I loved it.

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    Default Re: Coconut Nut

    Another one is the original Escada, from Margaretha Ley, in the red box. The coconut note is subtle but it's there.

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    Default Re: Coconut Nut

    I second the recs for Datura Noir and Premier Figuier. You might also want to try Marc Jacobs for Men; it's an odd one, with a powdery top and a very dry cedar base, which takes some of the creaminess off of the coconut. Carnal Flower also has an edge of coconut to it that I really enjoy.

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    Default Re: Coconut Nut

    I happily second Grant's recommendation for Creed Virgin Island Water. It could be what you're looking for! A wonderful BN fairy sent me a sample: it is built around a fresh, unsweet coconut note and even has a boozy, citrusy backbone. Whoever said Gin Tonic was right
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    Default Re: Coconut Nut

    Creed's Virgin Island Water is something I am looking forward to smelling, but on a more inexpensive level, I sprayed on Carlos Santana today and noticed a very big coconut note.

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    Default Re: Coconut Nut

    On my skin Cacharel's Noa smells more like an unsweetened creamy coconut
    scent than a soft floral. A gentle Pina Colada maybe! I know there is a coffee note in there but to me it definitely smells more like coconut which I love. Does anyone else get coconut from this scent? I also love CSP Vanille Coco but think it is quite sweet in comparison with Noa. Attar Bazar Sudanese Black Coconut, as listed by Moondeva, sounds intriguing.

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    Wink Re: Coconut Nut

    Used my sample of Creeds Virgin Island Water yesterday morning. At the time coconut was all I got from it. That soon vanished, so I thought, but 6 hrs later found it again.

    Now 30 hrs later and wearing the jacket I was wearing yesterday and getting the coconut again along with some other notes (?).

    No more sample left, so will be awaiting its arrival with interest!

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