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    Default Is Sung Homme a Classic?

    I love this fragrance. I was probably attracted initially by the beautiful purple juice, but it's far more than that. SH was one of the first fragrances that really got me "into" this hobby.

    Today, over 300 bottles later, it's still in regular rotation and is one of my "default" choices when I'm overwhelmed as to what to grab heading out the door.

    Are there "rules" as to "classics" in terms of how old is has to be, or any other criteria? To me this one has stood the test of time and remains one of the most intriquing scents I have ever smelled. That blast of pepper never fails to thrill. It's not "old" or "new" to me; it's completely timeless, which, to me, is what a "classic" is all about.

    The fact that it's now cheap, and long-lasting, are just icing on the cake.

    I read the reviews on this scent before posting this thread and was kinda surprised that not everyone shared my enthusiasm.

    What's your opinion?

    With all of the new scents out there, this one seems to have fallen through the cracks...perhaps familiarity breeds contempt...but I would never hesitate to recommend this wonderful fragrance to anyone looking for...yes...a classic.

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    Default Re: Is Sung Homme a Classic?

    I agree that Sung Homme is a classic scent. It is a unique blend that is really not dated - actually I find a lot of the newer scents are going back to this theme.

    Such newer scents are Euphoria men and Onyx Azzaro.

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    Default Re: Is Sung Homme a Classic?

    I also think it's a pretty cool scent. It's not one I can wear everyday, but I like it as a sort of dirty, rowdy little brother to Kouros.
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    Default Re: Is Sung Homme a Classic?

    When you wear this scent, you know you are wearing a scent - and so does everybody else.

    Welcome to the very small and discerning group of fans of this scent.

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    Default Re: Is Sung Homme a Classic?

    That's it! I'm another fan of this timeless fragrance!
    There are a lot of points that makes it a great scent:
    - It's not sweet and It's not sour/harsh, as if the perfumer had reached the exact formula of a distinct scent;
    - It has a lot of sillage (at least, on my skin);
    - It's powerful;
    - It's versatile;
    - The bottle and the juice's color are beautiful;
    - It's cheap.

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    Default Re: Is Sung Homme a Classic?

    Yes, I think so, and Sung Homme is my SOTD today! I applied two hours ago and now, still going strong, it has entered a very intriguing floral spicy phase that is just about perfect (can't stop smelling my forearm). I truly cannot place Sung Homme at this stage close to any other scent. It's sort of in the same neighborhood as Trussardi Uomo, Ho Hang Club, and Z-14, but they are all distinctly different to my nose. Sung Homme opened very soapy and quite sharp for me and, as has been noted, it has incredible sillage! I'm looking forward to closely monitoring its evolution throughout the day, and reaching the superb drydown.

    This is one of those (many) times when I really appreciate BN! This thread and my experience wearing Sung Homme today have served to deepen my appreciation for this scent!


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