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    Hi, a friend of mine is sending me some samples, namely:

    La Base, For Him
    FRANK los angeles, FRANK No. 2
    Parfumerie Generale, Iris Taizo
    Cristiano Fissore, Cashmere for Men
    Mark Birley, Mark Birley For Men

    very nice gift, but have any of you experience with theese frags. Personally I never heared of or sniffed any of them.

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    The only one I haven't sampled is Cashmere.

    The rest are all very nice scents.
    La base is full of herbs, grass...expensive

    Mark Birley has a cult following, and is very ozonic and clean, but not in a bland way. Classy, subtle.

    Frank 2 - Is sharp until it dries down. Has cognac, coffee notes. very interesting.

    You can find reviews of these scents on

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    Thank you!! I will check them out there..

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