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    Default whats is organic essential oils ? it is different from just essential oils ?

    i'm new to perfumes... whats is 'organic essential oils' ? it is different from just 'essential oils' ?
    pure essential oils is that is 100% essential oil ?
    organic essential oils is the same with natural essential oils ?
    are some shops out there have good quality or bad quality essential oils how i will know if its good or bad quality a essential oil.

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    Default Organic essential oils

    Assuming that the producer is honest, "organic" indicates that the sources from which the essential oils were extracted were organically grown, i.e. no pesticides, synthetic fertilisers, etc. that are used in conventional agricultural methods.

    I really don't know what sort of impact organic sourcing would have on an essential oil, but the absence of certain chemical compounds (from fertilisers or what-have-you) may have an at least subtle effect on the actual scent. The brand may also be less consistent, since the growing conditions would be a bit more at the mercy of natural influences. I believe the difference would be quite small, however (it IS, however, nice to know that you aren't contributing to dumping more crap into the environment, which may eventually find it's way into your drinking water).

    100% essential oils should indicate that the essential oil is not diluted in a carrier oil (e.g. almond, jojoba) or other solvent (e.g. alcohol); it COULD, however, be combined with some other, cheaper essential oil, so unless the label state that something is 100% essential oil of [whatever], there is the possibility that if "whatever" is expensive (e.g. lemon verbena), it may not be pure "whatever"

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    Default Re: whats is organic essential oils ? it is different from just essential oils ? is a very good resource for high quality EOs.

    re: organic EO: consider citrus EOs, which are pressed from the skin. If non-organic fruit is used, then the skin has probably been sprayed with synthetic pesticide, which is most likely fat soluble, meaning it would be effectively stored and carried by that EO.
    As most people buy EO to put on their skin, or vaporise into the air, you can see why organic EO would be prudent.

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