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    Default fake chanel on ebay... ?? strange situation...

    in that. . .

    I notice that people bidding on stuff get serious about partial bottles from individual sellers parting with their stash while sellers offering new in box larger sizes are ignored. that tells me something, but... what surprises me is that these sellers of mucho NIB chanel at cheap prices don't have any feedback accusing them of selling fake juice. But the buyers seem to be avoiding their NIB/SIB products all the same.

    is the situation with chanel that bad? that it's so expected to buy a fake on ebay it's not even worth leaving bad feedback about ¿ ¿!?!?!

    wanted to get my sister some no 19 for her birthday... but don't want to get fake stuff! and don't want to pay full price either. . .

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    Default Re: fake chanel on ebay... ?? strange situation...

    No.19 is such a masterpiece that there's no reason not to spend a little more and buy it from Chanel, NM, Nordstrom etc.

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    Default Re: fake chanel on ebay... ?? strange situation...

    Yes, Chanel is successfully copies and there are many fakes on Ebay. I wouldn´t buy Chanel there.

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    Default Re: fake chanel on ebay... ?? strange situation...

    oh right I keep forgetting that I've read here about chanel's tight distribution lines...

    the answer is so obvious what puzzles me is that they don't have any bad feedback but the answer is clear really. all of them have a relatively small # of feedback for sellers moving mass quantities of chanel, so they have been reincarnating on ebay when they get below a certain percentage, almost certainly.

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    Default Re: fake chanel on ebay... ?? strange situation...

    Do you think anyone bothers making fakes of those tester minis? I have bought a few of those.
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    Default Re: fake chanel on ebay... ?? strange situation...


    My guess as to why buyers of fake stuff often leave positive feedback is because ebay's feedback policy is REALLY flawed. My guess is that these buyers fear a retaliatory negative feedback. Basically, in 99% of cases, an angry seller who gets a negative from you will leave you a negative back, even if you did EVERYTHING you were supposed to do. You paid on time, you communicated clearly, but THEY shipped you fake goods and you left appropriate feedback. Then, suddenly, you have a feedback from that seller that says, "Didn't pay. Rude emails. BEWARE this buyer!!!"

    The chances, thereafter, that ebay will help you remove that completely incorrect feedback are pretty low.

    I'm not sure about this case specifically, but I know in many cases that buyers with lower feedback are more fearful of having a negative in their history than they are about informing others about a bad seller.

    Anyway, having been on ebay for nearly seven years, I've all but stopped using them. I used to buy things from there and got VERY good at telling good from bad; but as a company they care so little about their customers that I'd really just spend my money elsewhere.

    As for Chanel, I agree with the others that you ought to just buy from a reputable source. You're in Southern Cali and have tons of places to find good juice. With companies that have long histories like Chanel, I'm also wary ordering from discounters because of the chances of getting old stock. Chanel products are ALWAYS going to be higher than others (that $65retail bottle of Egoiste is never going to be $15) and so I'd just rather spend the little extra and KNOW I'm getting good stuff.

    By the way, if you find the earlier thread we had about the Chanel date codes, you can tell just HOW old your juice is...
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    Default Re: fake chanel on ebay... ?? strange situation...

    eBay is like a story from your youth. The sellers with fake stuff say that they can get you milk at a cheaper price than those other sellers, so you buy it. You taste it to find out it's not A&E like they told you, or it's really expired, but you're the only milk connoiseur on the block. You tell anybody you can about the fake milk, but nobody listens to you because the bully throws more weight and everyone else was happy with the product, so why is this kid whining? eBay powersellers have such large a feedback base that you won't affect their's, but they will definitely affect yours. It's not perfect, but it's the best I've seen for everything else on eBay.
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    Default Re: fake chanel on ebay... ?? strange situation...

    How does one tell if you have a fake or not? I guess I am supposed to be more experienced to know. I did order some Chanels off of good reputation ebayers, 2 of them smell nice, and seem real to me, one of them is questionable, as there is no Chanel engraving on the bottle.

    I have a large bottle of Chanel #19 Voile Parfum that may or may not be fake, if anyone wants it cheap, not my scent.

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    Default Re: fake chanel on ebay... ?? strange situation...

    Never buy from someone who is "not a registered user".

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    Default Re: fake chanel on ebay... ?? strange situation...

    I know this from experience...the sellers selling cheap NIB Chanel perfumes & colognes on ebay are selling knock-offs. I purchased a NIB Chanel Allure EDP for buy it now $59.00, it said that it was authentic & it would come with an authentic Chanel boutique shopping bag, well when it arrived I could tell without much investigation that the NIB EDP was fake, the box was cheaply printed & some small words on the back were spelled wrong. The shopping bag looked to be authentic though. When I contacted the seller they told me that they would refund all of my money including shipping IF I left positive feedback for them. I didnt want to do that, but they said that if I left negative or neutral feedback they wouldnt issue a refund, that the sale was final. So, I left positive feedback & within 20 mins I was issued a full refund along with a note saying that I could keep the EDP & shopping bag. Im assuming this is the reason that you dont see much negative feedback for these knock-off sellers. After I got the refund, I went and did a follow up to my feedback & wrote that it wasnt authentic Chanel, they retaliated by follow up feedback on my profile saying "Customer does not know authentic Chanel!" so, my advice is beware of mass marketed items on ebay at too good to be true prices, because if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.
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    Default Re: fake chanel on ebay... ?? strange situation...

    Well, I've been in the same situation of buying fake Allure Homme on Ebay and when I requested a refund, the seller ignored me until I posted bad feedback. Then he wanted to refund my money if I withdrew it and said I could keep the bottle so I complied like you did.

    And the other hand, I just scored real and vintage Antaeus for $25 on Ebay recently so it swings both ways.
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    Default Re: fake chanel on ebay... ?? strange situation...

    Ebay....Yeah! I bought a turkey on Ebay and was expecting to have a nice turkey dinner for this Thanksgiving. But what I got wasn't turkey and upon close inspection, I was pretty damn sure it's a chicken. So, I emailed the seller, and he insisted that it was indeed a turkey. It was a turkey who's afraid of the dark, was his reasoning. After much thoughts, I think he's right and so I went on and left him positive feedback. He did the same for me and everyone was happy and Ebay lives on, forever.

    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.
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    Default Re: fake chanel on ebay... ?? strange situation...

    Yeah, I agree that you can find good deals on authentic Chanel items on ebay, Ive found many myself. But I would be leary of purchasing any Chanel items that are listed at low prices as "buy it now" from a seller that has many of the same item listed because they are most likely fake. Oh & the juice that was inside the fake bottle of Allure EDP was the most horrible smelling stuff I have ever sniffed, not even close to Allure, it smelled like acetone & hairspray. It went right in the trash.
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