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    Question Glass perfume bottles - decorative or useful?

    Here's something I've always wondered about. You know those fancy glass perfume bottles often found in glassware stores? They look like stained glass or wine decanter bottles with stoppers for "lids". They're so pretty but I've always wondered if they were actually useful for storing perfumes.

    I have started to make a large batch of my own scent (50% perfume oils and 50% perfumer's alcohol) and I am wondering if I will simply store it in amber spray bottles or if I could get a fancy glass bottle to store the scent.

    My main concern is that even though the glass bottle might look beautiful, it won't seal the scent in the bottle once the stopper is in. I asked the store manager about this and they said that the glass stopper and bottle neck create a seal once it's wet but I'm not so sure about this.

    Now... while we're on the topic of bottles with a stopper cap, what about those Chanel pure parfum bottles or the No. 5 Sensual Elixir bottle for that matter? Should I be worried about evaporation or the scent degrading?
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    Default Re: Glass perfume bottles - decorative or useful?

    I'm not an expert on this subject but, I guess I would start by saying that all bottles are probably different. Most modern perfume bottles with stopper tops have a plastic sheath over the "plug" end of the top to ensure an air-tight fit in the bottle. I think these started showing up around 10 yrs ago. Most other stopper tops are all glass and some are ground for a tight fit and others are smooth, unground glass (not good). Ground glass stoppers are proported to be air tight as long as the fit of the stopper in the neck of the bottle is snug and it doesn't jiggle or move around when you touch it. This is the way good decanters have been made for generations. If the stopper and the the area of the bottle neck where it fits does not look frosted (white in color) then you don't have a ground glass arrangement. Smooth glass on smooth glass won't cut it. The surfaces have to be ground and the fit absolutely snug or you have no hopes for an air-tight seal.
    I have heard it said by other BNrs that even the best ground glass stoppers can't be relied on to make an air tight seal, wet or dry. That may be true, but I know that stopper bottles of these sorts were also used in the farmaceutical and laboratory industries for over a hundred years.
    In the end, you'll probably just have to test each bottle you intent to use to see if it has a tight seal. You can use very small, decorative bottles for display purposes and can keep the rest of the perfume in more reliable refill bottles in the cupboard. But if the fit of the stopper seems tight I don't think you have much to worry about.

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    Default Re: Glass perfume bottles - decorative or useful?

    Thank you EauBoy. That was good information.
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    Default Re: Glass perfume bottles - decorative or useful?

    In chem lab we had to use a grease of some kind on the ground glass fitments. I don't recall what kind....but it wasn't vaseline I don't think. Serge Lutens bell bottles have the appearance of a traditional ground glass stopper--but they have a plastic base on the stopper, not actual ground glass, to ensure an airtight seal.

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