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    Default How long before they "expire"

    Hey, I'm sure someone must have asked this here, but I can't seem to find a specific thread on this. Generally speaking, how long would a bottle (opened and unopened) of cologne last before its quality is significantly degraded? I'm thinking of picking up a flacon of vintage Tabarome, but I don't see myself using it soon nor very often. In fact, I'm hoping to hang on to it at least for a couple of years before I crack the seal. The reason I'd like to get it now is because it seems like it's getting hard to come by.

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    Default Re: How long before they "expire"

    If you keep it in a cool room and outside of direct sunlight, it could last decades. There are many members here who have fragrances 20 years old or older.

    Put it in a window or on a radiator or something, and you'll watch it go downhill in days.

    SO, I think you'll be okay.
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    Default Re: How long before they "expire"

    Thanks! I have my concerns because I've read here that some colognes, Creeds included, "mature" after a few years, and then it's nothing but downhill. Perhaps not necessarily gone entirely pear-shaped, but the potency and top notes diminish fairly quickly. I mean, we always hear people complaining about receiving "old stock" Creed that's not up to snuff.

    Checking out the picture thread makes me want to get a mini fridge, but I wish we could get a definitive answer on if it really stretches fragrance lifespan. Then again, my girlfriend already thinks I'm certifiably nuts for buying Creed and having more than one cologne.

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