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    Talking NYC get together plans

    Hi all,
    I had originally proposed in another board here the " why don't we?" thread, stating that maybe we could hold a convention of sorts.

    Well , after considering all feedback and suggestions, it seems as though local and regional get togethers( baby steps) would be best for ultimately setting up a national convention of NAFTA ( National Addicts of Fragrance Trying to Associate).

    So now, with the help of Joe_Frances , planning has begun for a spring luncheon/ shop/ swap/ bs...... have a good time together event in the " Big Apple". Joe has suggested to me several fragrance related destinations/ stores and is familiar with the city. He is working up an itinerary, I believe, but I think at this point in planning everything is open to suggestion/ help. If you would be interested in attending this, you are invited to participate in the planning. The more the merrier.

    First order of business- Lets choose a date. I was thinking late March or Early to mid April ( if the weather is not cold).

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    Default Re: NYC get together plans

    Here's the plan:

    Up to 8 members could get together for lunch at Via Italia in Mid-town at noon.

    Then a visit to Takashimaya; Bergdorfs; Aedes and Le Labo. Will cost about $30 for lunch; and a one-day subway pass for about $5. I will lead the subway trip so no worries if you are a "first timer" to the City and are not certain about the subways. No problem.

    We need about 30 days adavanced notice. I will handle the reservation, and will need money in advance for the meal.



    One other thought: the itinerary is not fixed, I was just suggesting the venues that we could visit in my last post. We could do a few others, and I am sure there are some I don't know.

    One other would be the lovely Santa Maria Novella/Villoresi store in SoHo.

    If get a small group, we could easily customize the venues to visit.

    I am thinking that the whoe thing would be an afternoon, 11:30 am til 4 pm, max,if folks want to get out of town at the regular commuting time (I would myself). Some might want to consider dinner, but I probably would opt to go home myself. Up to the group, again, I would be happy to do some coordinating.

    Thanks again,

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    Default Re: NYC get together plans

    This sounds like a great event with superior planning. Guiding even! I wish I could commit. Thanks to both of you guys.
    That girl, that bottle, that mattress and me.

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    Default Re: NYC get together plans

    That's the way to do it, grab the bull by the horns and just do it guys .

    There are a lot of BN members that are form New York or surrounding areas, I would be surprised if you don't get at least 20 members.

    Give this thing a name "BASENOTES SMELLATHON"

    I wish I was close, you know I would be in...

    Good luck guys and have fun with this .

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    Default Re: NYC get together plans

    Jeez...all the cool things happen in NY!

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    Talking Re: NYC get together plans

    Quote Originally Posted by mikeperez23
    Jeez...all the cool things happen in NY!
    PLENTY of cool things happen in "the bottom", I know, but this cool "could be" thing is happening in NY.

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    Default Re: NYC get together plans

    Though I live in South Dakota, I'll be in NYC March 20-23 for meetings. I would enjoy meeting up with some other BNoters!


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