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    Default Niki de Saint Ralle

    She has several perfumes, and is all over Ebay. Her bottles are very collectable. None of her perfumes are here.

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    Default Re: Niki de Saint Ralle

    Ehm...don't you mean Niki de Saint Phalle?
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    Default Re: Niki de Saint Ralle

    Sorry, you are right, Phalle. In either case, it's not there.

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    Default Re: Niki de Saint Ralle

    Yeah, I too have noticed that Niki de Saint Phalle is missing from Basenotes. Ive filled out the missing fragrance form for it a few times already and it is still not listed. Such a shame because it is such a beautiful fragrance. Anyhow, I'm wondering if they dont read my info because Im not a paying member? I dont know, but Ive submitted many photos (that Ive taken myself) of bottles from my own collection for fragrances listed here without photos and they have never used any of them or any info that I have ever submitted
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