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Thread: Anvers 2...?

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    Question Anvers 2...?

    I was wondering if anyone has tried the Ulrich Lang 'Anvers 2,' which just came out? The notes are fascinating, as are the notes in the first 'Anvers,' so I'm curious if any NYC guys have tried it yet. It's available at

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    rjrober and I are waiting on our order from aedes for ANVERS 2. We will post when we get it.

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    Got mine today...
    smells familiar...Just can't quite tell what scent its like...
    Just sampled on back of hand tonight and am pleased with it...
    not as unique IMO as the original but nice nonetheless...
    I'll give it a full days wear tomorrow.

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    i was in Anvers a few months ago, and remember exactly what it smells like. Can't wait to hear others' thoughts of sampling this! Curious if it'll remind me of actual experience.
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    I love the original Anvers.
    I want to try the new!!!!.

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